No matter what you’re looking for Christmas party themes for, whether it be an office party or a houseful of your friends and family, this list of Christmas party themes will give you some great ideas as well as decorating advice. Top off a great party with cute decorations, games and little gift bags to ensure everyone has a great time. 

Secret Santa

Santa hats are optional, but great Christmas party themes wouldn’t be complete without a little gift-giving. Draw names for gifting at least a week before the Christmas party and set a price limit that is within everyone’s range - or rules, such as homemade items only. Have some small, gift bags prepared for guests of your party-goers so they don’t feel left out. Something as small as a candy cane and a ‘Thank you for joining our Christmas party’ card will suffice. 

Winter Wonderland

Hang white streamers from the ceiling to simulate falling snow. White balloons and leftover streamer pieces - those ends that always seem to rip off - scattered across the floor work for fallen snow, but be sure the streamers are not in major walkways. These crinkled strips of paper can be tripping hazards and are best used in open corners. Fake, construction paper or felt snowmen can decorate the walls. 

Santa’s Workshop

The host(s) should wear a Santa hat or green Santa’s helper hats. To get really into the mood full Santa and/or elf costumes can be utilized by the host(s). Passing out reindeer antler headbands to guests can help them get in on the fun as well. To complete Santa’s workshop Christmas party themes, decorate with wooden toys and music boxes. Lay some tools around as well, like the elves just finished up for the night and didn’t clean up. 

The Grinch

Put out only half the decorations and a tree missing limbs - a fake tree that comes apart is ideal. This will look like the Grinch showed up and made off with half the decorations. Hold a scavenger hunt during the party to find the rest of the decorations, and to get everyone in the Christmas spirit, they can help put the found decorations up. 

Open Fire

From the “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” line, great Christmas party themes can be created. If you don’t have a real fireplace to get a roaring fire going in, a TV simulated one can be a cute alternative. Serve roasted chestnuts with your party treats and have enough hot chocolate and marshmallows to keep everyone toasty inside and out.