Glitz up for Christmas and Yule.

As we get older it gets harder and harder to be in the Christmas spirit. It holds less lustre for us adults sometimes.

The way to get over this feeling is to wake up and enjoy all the magical glitter and decoration around your home, every time you awake. Turn your home into a magical fairyland for yourself, children and neighbors.

Christmas may have a deeper meaning but that does not mean that we can not have a jovial time. You are meant to be celebrating the birth of Christ. When you celebrate a birth are you miserable? no! So get into the spirit and enjoy with these great decorations.

Even if you are not Christian, Christmas can be a time of celebration because Pagans also celebrate the winter solstice around the 21st or 22nd December each year. Us Pagans call it Yule. We still celebrate with good food and decoration. Where do you think the tree that you decorate came from? Yes, when you decorate that tree, you are performing a Pagan ritual, and not a Christian one.

Treat yourself to a new Christmas tree this year. We have moved on since the plain green Christmas tree.

Vickerman Spruce Christmas tree

Incase you have been using the same Christmas tree for the last 10 years, you can now have some absolutely beautiful and tremendous Christmas trees. I myslef got rid of the tradition green tree and bought a Fake Black tree. I do like it but I think because I tried to buy a bargain and bought cheaply, it does not have as many branches as I would have liked and I feel it is a bit sparce.

There are many Christmas trees to select from now a days. You can have a gigantic 8 foot tree in fibre optic pre lit beauty. Or you can have a Black, Pink or White tree. Some come prelit with fibre optics but other Christmas trees come with actual lights already on them.

Light up your lawn. Santa needs a runway to land on.

Who says that you are only allowed to decorate your living room? Light up your lawn like a runway and make sure Santa knows exactly where you live. Or just make your lawn come alive as if the Fae are having a Winter equinox party in your garden. I love garden lights, always looks very suave and upper crust to myself.

Lawn lights are made from LED, and you stake them into your garden, according to how you wish them to look. They twinkle in your garden because they are on a relay, they go on and off for a sparkly effect.

Lawn lights for Christmas

Santa, Moose and Snowman to celebrate Christmas with you

Three jolly figured wreaths for Christmas

I do love cutesy characatures around. These three guys would cheer me up every day. Wreaths give you yet another place that you can decorate, as you can put these three on three downstairs doors. Or, if you have three children, you could put one on each bedroom door, spreading the cheer around the home at Christmastime.

You can not expect to get in to the Christmas spirit, if you do not put your home in to the spirit first.

Christmas Crystal for the collectors

For serious ornament collectors who would rather have something special than Christmas decorations everyone has, then Thomas Kinkade Crystal figures are where you should look. Beautiful and expensive, these unique crystal ornaments really do give off an elegance of no other ornament I have seen before.

I would doubt you would go in to most regular homes and find these beautuful crystal figures either. As they are slightlyThomas Kinkade crystal snowman with village and train expensive compared to some decorations.