Choosing the right college major can be a very difficult task for those who are entering college. This task in and of itself is one that will have a vast impact on your future in many ways and can hold many opportunities if you choose wisely and conversely be filled with negative consequences down the road if you don't make the right choice. So how is it that you are suppossed to make such a pivotal decision in many cases at such a young age?

How to Decide Your Major

Perhaps the best way to decide what college major would best suit you is to think of the reasons why you are going to college in the first place. Below are some of the most common misguided reasons that graduating high school seniors point to.

  1. To become independent
  2. To party
  3. To expand my horizons and try something new
  4. To have lots of fun

If any of the above reasons sound familiar to you, that is ok. But, if these above reasons are your sole intentions then undoubtably you will have regrets of your college choices down the road.

So, what is the number one reason for going to college and choosing your major?

TO GET A JOB when you graduate.

Yup, becoming an employed productive, independent citizen in a well paying field should be your ultimate goal when deciding on your college major. Afterall think about it, the only way to justify the massive expense of going to college is to look at it in an investment in yourself and your future and the only sound way to measure an investment is by your return on investment. Which in this case is the job you are able to get with the degree you obtain.

What are good majors to choose?

It is hard to say exactly what are good college majors to choose because the answer to that quesiton is entirley personal based on the field that you would eventually like to go in to. FI you have dreams of becoming an accountant than you probably do not want to choose a science major.  With that said below are some great majors to choose for a variety of different reasons.

Biology - If you want to pursue any scientific field or have aspirations of going to graduate school for anything in the medical field.

Business - A Business degree is one of the best degrees you can have because it is probably the most universal degree that nearly applies to every job, company, and career regardless of the field because at the end of the day most jobs are at a business of some type.

History - If you aspire to become a teacher this is a great degree prior to your teaching certificate. If you want to continue on to graduate school to study law than they say history is great to give you a background and train your brain on memorization.

Computer Science - With the ever changing world of technology, computer science is one of the best college majors you can choose. Companies everywhere are hiring IT staff for a variety of different roles.

Secondary Education - If you want to pursue a career in teaching this is the major for you.