5 best exercises to cut fat and gain muscle

Compound movements are the best exercises to gain muscle and lose fat. It's also a great way to get in shape - for overall fitness purposes. So why are compound movements the "best" exercise? Well, its simple. Compound movements forces to use multiple muscle groups in your body, forcing to develop muscle mass and lose fat simultaneously. So which compound exercises are the best? Well, here are the top 5 in order:

Top 5 Compound Movement Exercises:
2.Dead Lift
4.Pull Up
5.Bench Press

The most important exercise is the back squat. Its basically the bar on your shoulder behind your neck while you squat up and down. It hits the most muscles in your body more than any other exercise. That's why its known as the "king" of all exercises. Doing squats will not only strengthen your legs but also your back and core, which will help you in every other exercise you perform.

Dead lifts and cleans are the next two exercises that will strengthen your core. Performing these will force your body to use many different muscle groups over your entire body. It burns more calories than isolation exercises while increasing your metabolism. It'll also help you increase strength. You'll notice that you can push a lot more weight in other compound and isolation exercises immediately. If dead lifts and cleans are not in your workout routine, you are doing yourself a huge disservice! 

Pull ups are the most basic exercise of them all. Its the easiest to do, requiring no technique to perform. You basically hang from a bar and pull up. This exercise will strengthen your back, arms and shoulders. It'll increase the size of your shoulders and biceps. There can be many different variations with your grip. The wider the grip, the more difficult it becomes. Increasing the width of your grip and focus more on the latissimus dorsi(lats).

The bench press is often overlooked and many claim to be overrated. However, its still in the top 5 best compound movement exercise. It increases the size of your chest, working the triceps and shoulders at the same time. The bench press is usually favored over dumbbell presses because of the weight that can be easily pushed by both arms working together. Both men and women should incorporate this into their routine.

Overall, compound movement exercises will increase your metabolism and help you gain muscle. Its much more effective than isolation exercises. Input these top 5 exercises into your workout routine today!