Crockpots are a great tool to help you save money on groceries. There are so many different things you can make in the crockpot, so having a couple of crockpot cookbooks with a variety of recipes can help you use your crockpot more often and in the process save money. Cooking with your crockpot can help you save money because you can use cheaper cuts of meat in the crockpot. Cooking with the crockpot is also great for using up leftover ingredients, which saves you money. It can save you time, because the meals cook all day while you are working. Also, it will save you energy because it will just be one dish to clean. Before you get started, you might want to figure out which of the crockpot sizes is right for your family.

Top 5 Crockpot Cookbooks


  1. make it fast, cook it slowMake it Fast, Cook it Slow: The Big Book of Everyday Slow Cooking by Stephanie O’Dea: 

    Make it Fast, Cook it Slow is just what the title implies; Make it Fast, Cook it Slow has a ton of recipes good for everyday meals. The recipes use ingredients you have on hand, or that are available at any supermarket. They generally have 4-7 ingredients and need little prep. There are a ton of recipes in this book that you can put together in 10-15 minutes in the morning, leave them to cook all day, and then come home to a hot, delicious meal that your whole family will enjoy. Stephanie O’Dea does a great job of letting you know which recipes her kids enjoyed, which her and her husband love, and which are great for company or potluck events. The recipes in the book can be gluten-free. 

  2. Not Ynot your mother's slow cookerour Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook by Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann: 

    This crockpot cookbook of over 350 recipes has recipes that are more complex than the recipes in Make it Fast, Cook it Slow. The recipes have more ingredients and more prep work required. The recipes make more sophisticated meals. If you are someone who loves gourmet food, and you rarely use your crockpot because you don’t like the quality of meals it makes, this cookbook is for you.

  3. slow cooker revolutionSlow Cooker Revolution by The Editors at America’s Test Kitchen: 

    If I could buy just one crockpot cookbook this would be it. This cookbook is amazing. You will never believe the meals you make from the recipes in this cookbook, you made in your crockpot and didn’t slave for hours and hours over the stove. Maybe you have the image of crockpot food being greasy, unhealthy, or mushy and not the right texture; this cookbook completely redefines your image of crockpot food. If you are looking for a crockpot cookbook that you can make company-worthy recipes from, Slow Cooker Revolution is what you are looking for. The Editors at America’s Test Kitchen have re-worked some basic crockpot recipes, and found a way to take them to the next level. They also have some entirely different recipes for things that most people would never think to make in the crockpot, like lasagna. There is less prep involved for most of these recipes than those found in Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook, but more prep than the recipes in Make it Fast, Cook it Slow.

  4. big book of crockpot recipesFix-It and Forget-It Big Cookbook: 1400 Best Slow Cooker Recipes:

    Fix-It and Forget-It crockpot cookbook has a ton of recipes. It’s a great cookbook to find recipes if you have a couple of ingredients you want to use. Or if your family has a couple of meals they love, and you want crockpot variations of them. Healthier and Lighter meals are marked and include nutritional information, making it easier to diet and still use your crockpot. Many of the recipes in this cookbook are incredibly easy and require minimal prep.

  5. the italian slow cookerThe Italian Slow Cooker by Michele Scicolonne: 

    The Italian Slow Cooker is a great crockpot cookbook because many Italian recipes lend themselves well to the crockpot. The pasta sauces in this cookbook are simple and delicious. Michele Scicolonne is known for writing great cookbooks, and this one is no different. The recipes are well-written , easy to follow and they turn out great when you cook them. 

    Head over to Amazon to check out these crockpot cookbooks more in depth, or to read some more reviews. If you are looking to save money in the kitchen, I highly recommend dusting off your crockpot, and taking a look at the recipes in these cookbooks.