We all touch surfaces each day whether it's at home, the office, or in a store. Germs are everywhere and while our bodies can generally handle them, there are surfaces that we encounter each day that are the dirtiest surfaces of all. They are this way because we touch them or use them all the time and germs really take home in these locations. Here are some of the dirtiest surfaces we encounter and why they need to be cleaned.

1. The toilet

This one is pretty obvious; the toilet. We use the toilet each day to go to the bathroom and if this surface isn't cleaned frequently then germs will make their home here. It's gross to think about, but this is America's dirtiest surface in homes today and cleaning it should be on a monthly basis at least. No matter how well you think you do in cleaning up after yourself, this surface is always going to be germ home number one and if not looked after properly could lead to getting people sick especially if they are vulnerable from a condition or just recently recovered from a cold or the flu.

2. The stove

The stove is where all of the cooking is done. If you are a college student or a person who likes instant meals more than cooking you could replace this location with the microwave, but we'll stick with the stove for the sake of this article. The stove is one of the dirtiest surfaces in the kitchen and in the home in general because foot products land here all the time. Flipping burgers will cause grease and fat to spill over, bubbling spaghetti sauce will leap out of your pot and onto the stove, spills from serving dishes will inevitably hit here. This surface must be washed off each time you cook and sanitation is key if you are going to be cooking regularly. Deli departments in stores use sanitation and cleaning agents every night on their meat and cheese slicers because they know that germs love to be in warm places where food has been sliced, so your stove area should be no different.

3. The keyboard

This one could prove to be unexpected for many people but if you think about it, the more this makes sense. We type on our keyboards all the time and our hands always have germs on them. If we aren't totally on top of washing our hands and get lazy, there are people who will have food or syrup or anything of the sort on their hands smacking down on the keys getting them dirty. Something that could cause anyone to be grossed out is if you took your keys off your keyboard after a year of use and see all the junk that's under there. This surface is extremely vulnerable to germs and because keyboards are the dirtiest surface we encounter in this electronic age we have to make sure we have a wipe and clean the keys frequently. Only by doing this often will you be sure that any germs on there have been killed off and not lingering and multiplying. Proper care goes a long way.

4. The mouse

Going in unison with the keyboard, the computer mouse is right there with the keyboard. When we are clicking away at video games, shopping websites, and Google searches we are continually letting the hand we use to touch the mouse get germs on the surface. The mouse is just like the keyboard where we need to frequently wipe it down because this can be considered the same as the keyboard as the dirtiest surface for electronics we find in today's world.

5. The door handle

Each and every door handle we have in our house is equal in it's effectiveness to spread germs. We grab door handles all the time to get in and out of the house and in various rooms we encounter in the world, and because most people don't wash their hands as often as they should this is the prime dirtiest surface people deal with in getting in and out of a certain place. Make sure that you wipe down the door handles and knobs in your home on a weekly basis, but don't become a germophobic thinking that you will get sick if you don't. This is just a precaution for the worst cases and the dirtiest surfaces we encounter, so a simple spray and wipe should do the trick.

Plenty more

There are plenty of other surfaces we encounter on a daily basis and plenty of places that can be considered the dirtiest surfaces out there, but these 5 I believe are the worst offenders and we should be proactive in trying to wipe them down and clean them frequently. I am certainly not afraid of germs and I don't get sick often so I'm not looking around and seeing surfaces as potential germ growing grounds, but I also know that if cleaning frequently touched surfaces doesn't happen as often as it should it can lead to problems. Find these 5 areas and wipe them down and sanitize once in a while and you will be leading a healthier and happier life.