Bean Bag Chairs

The Bean Bag Chair

Comfy, fashionable and practically indestructible (increasingly important for college living), the bean bag chair is an old standby that can always be relied upon. Bean bag chairs can easily be thrown into closets or up onto loft beds whenever you're having friends over and you need to extra space. If you get a bean bag chair with a plastic cover you can basically stop worrying about spills (common hazards in dorm spaces). In the world of dorm room furniture, Bean Bag Chairs are comparatively very soft and forgiving when you trip over yourself and fall into them.

Band Wall Posters

No modern dorm room can be complete without several slantingly mounted rock band wall posters. Your glossy and somewhat ripped tributes to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Boston or Jimi Hendrix will spark endless conversations with the like-minded individuals that frequent your dorm room.

Incense Holders

Incense is to dorm rooms as salt was to Romans and bread was to Egyptians; its value extends far beyond its most obvious uses. Incense will not only set many a dorm room night mood, but will alleviate airspaces much to the comfort and delight of your visitors as well as to the desirable ignorance of your visiting parents and dorm resident advisors. Incense should be well-stocked at all times and in several different flavors depending upon the energy that each particular evening calls for. Popular incense scents include lavender, sandalwood, vanilla and black cherry.

Write-On Boards

Write-on boards are the trusty messenger pigeons of intra-dorm discourse. Not only do they allow you to update your in-r0om status for your roommates' edification and admonishement, but they also serve as a wonderful way for passerby to share with perfect strangers their most immediate and inconsequential thoughts on their way to the next party. If you make the classy and wise decision to purchase a write-on board for your dorm room, make sure to stock extra dry erase markers; but keep the spares inside your room.

Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic storage bins serve multiple purposes in dorm living. Plastic storage bins can be placed underneath bunk beds for massively increased storage room. They can also be stacked in closets to maximize any minimal space. Plastic storage bins also serve as fantastic late night drums when emptied, overturned on dorm room tile and pounded mercilessly and without rhythm in the wee hours of the morning.

In Conclusion

College living is about classiness and admirable decision making. Ensure your dorm room is up to date with the finest of dorm room decorations and send a message to all your visitors and roommates: "I take myself very seriously."