What better way to spruce your home/garden than by growing flowers! These flowers are great for beginners and a great way to get children interested in gardening as a project. Flowers are pretty, and can be low-maintenance if you choose the right ones (and cheaper than maintaining a household pet!). Of course, although there are many easy to grow flowers, I have chosen flowers that are also pleasing to the eye.


Credit: Andre Engels

Pansies are a classic for a reason. They can come in a variety of colors and are great for beginners and experts alike.  If growing from seed, they are best grwon in either September-October or April-May. They should be grown indoors until they are close to 10cm, at which point they can be transferred outside. The soil should always be kept moist, but not wet. Pansies are best grown in either full sun or partial shade. Water the pansies regularly and fertilise around once a week.

Black Eyed Susans

black eyed susan(89669)
Credit: D. Gordon E. Robertson

Black eyed Susans are wildflowers native to North America and can commonly be found growing in the wilderness in North America. The seeds can be sown anytime from spring to fall. They are best grown in full sun by tossing the seeds onto the soil and lightly rake them into the soil. While they are very hardy flowers and will likely grow on their own, you can water them occasionally to keep the soil slightly moist


Credit: Queerbubbles

Lilies are grown from bulbs and are known for being large and prominent. They vary greatly in colour and pattern. Depending on the variety of lily, they can be grown beginning spring, summer, or fall, which can leave your garden blooming throughout most of the year. You should pick a spot that has full sun and plant the lily bulbs tip up. For small bulbs, bury them around 3 inches and around 5 inches for large bulbs. Space the bulbs around 8 inches apart. A common practice is to group three together around 4 feet apart. Water the soil well. The bulbs can be left alone in the winter time as the lilies will grow back next year.


Marigolds are known for their vibrant orange color. They provide a great contrast to the grassy green plants in your yard. Marigolds are best grown in spring or early summer. Plant them in full sun and keep the soil moist. A bonus to the marigold is that insects and pests stay away due to their strong smell. Gardeners often keep marigolds near vegetable plants to keep pests away.


Credit: AG0ST1NH0

Though lesser well known, cosmos are a very nice addition to any garden and can come in different colors. Cosmos are best grown in early spring in full sun or partial shade. If you would like to get an early start before the frost has gone, you can plant them indoors beforetransferring outside. Rake the seeds into the soil lightly and avoid using manure or fertilizer, since cosmos grow best in poor soils rather than rich soils.

Closing Note

Remember that these flowers are very hardy. Even if the soil is drier, they are likely to still flourish as these flowers can commonly be found in the wilderness. Try planting different ones in different areas of your backyard and enjoy the beautiful freshness of the flowers.

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