There are many great electric guitars under 1000 dollars that you can buy. With that amount of money you can get a very nice electric that will last you for many years.  This article looks at the top five electric guitars for under 1000 dollars. This list might be different from your own but these guitars are all well worth the asking price. There are a lot of great guitar models to choose from so have fun picking your next guitar for under 1000 dollars.

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

Fender American Standard Stratocaster(82337)Credit: Amazon

You can get an American Standard Stratocaster for under $1000.00 when it goes on sale and it’s worth every penny you pay for it. Although the Stratocaster is a very simple guitar, this iconic brand is still loved by millions of guitar players due to the fact that it is so simple yet sounds amazing. This guitar comes with 22 jumbo frets and either a Maple neck or a Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard.  The guitar has three single coil Alnico pickups for a full range of tones. This guitar also comes with a Fender molded case. There guitars are made out of Alder wood, although woods can vary on some models. These guitars come in all different colors as well and this is a top notch guitar for the price. You just can’t go wrong with a Fender American Standard Stratocaster.

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar,Worn Cherry Satin

One of the most loved guitars of all time is the Gibson Les Paul but the guitar just costs too much for the average player. Thankfully Gibson created the Les Paul Studio guitar which you can get under 1000 and sometimes as low as 800 online. This guitar features BurstBucker Humbucking pickups for an aggressive rock sound and the guitar has a traditional Mahogany back and a Maple top. These guitars have 22 frets and Rosewood or Ebony fingerboards. The neck has a rounded profile so it emulates the neck shapes of the Les Paul guitars from the 1950s making the necks on these guitars a joy to play. This is another guitar under 1000 that would make an excellent part of your collection or as a first guitar. Now you can afford a Gibson guitar with the Gibson Les Paul Studio line of guitars. Some models in the studio line go for a lot more, so you need to look for a bargain.

Fender Classic Series '72 Telecaster Thinline

Fender Telecaster '72 ThinlineCredit: Amazon

This Fender classic Series ’72 Telecaster has the twang associated with the telecaster model. It features two “Wide Range” Humbucking pickups combined with a semi-hollow Ash body that bring back the tones of the 70s in a modern guitar. This guitar features a hard-tail bridge, a bullet-rod nut, F style tuners and a 3-bolt neck-plate. This guitar comes with a gig back but you’ll probably want to get a nice hard shell case to protect your investment. The guitar also features an F hole so you can get some nice acoustic style sounds out of this guitar too. You can buy this guitar online for just under $800.00.

ESP EC-1000FR - See-Thru Black Finish Electric Guitar

Credit: Amazon

This ESP guitar has a Les Paul style shape but it's a modern metal machine. The guitar has a Mahogany body and a maple top. The fingerboard is made out of Rosewood and it features a Maple neck. This guitar is built for the abuse of modern guitar style with a Floyd Rose style locking nut tremolo system. It has a thin U shaped neck with 24 jumbo frets and a cutaway so it's easy to hit the higher notes for soloing. The pickups are active EMGs Humbucking pickups so you have power and sustain with this incredible guitar. This instrument also has black nickel hardware and abalone inlays. You can get one of these online for about $950.00 and it is well worth that price by a long shot.

Ibanez RG420FB Locking Trem Electric Guitar

Ibanez RG420FBCredit: Amazon

Ibanez has quite a few decent guitars less than 1000 so it’s tough to pick just one. This RG420FB is a prime example of the great instruments produced by Ibanez that won’t break your bank account. This guitar features a Bubinga top and a Mahogany body. The guitar has Humbucking pickups, 24 jumbo frets and an Ibanez Edge III Bridge and tremolo system. This guitar is part of the RG Ibanez series of guitars and they make great metal style guitars. You can buy one of these for $600.00 or less, depending upon where you look online.

When You Get Your New Guitar Home

There are a few things you can do once you get your new guitar home to help it sound better and keep it looking new.

  • Change The Strings - Most new guitars have strings that have been sitting on them for some time and it's just best to change them right away and put on a fresh set. Your guitar will play better with fresh strings. Your new guitar has probably been played by many people before it even reached you.
  • Check The Action - A new guitar should have great action but sometimes even new guitars need to have the strings adjusted properly. If you don't know how to do this take the instrument to a guitar shop and have a guitar tech do the adjustments for you.
  • Clean With a Polish Cloth and Polish - Only use a guitar polish and a polishing cloth on your guitar.  Never use chemical cleaners on your guitar because they can fade the finish.
  • Keep The Guitar In A Hard Shell Case - Don't leave your guitar on a guitar stand or wall hanger unless you know it's going to be safe. make sure you have a decent hard shell case for all your instruments. It's easy to knock your guitar off a guitar stand and damage it.

Excellent Guitars for Under 1000

This is my list of the Top 5 electric guitars under 1000 dollars, but your list might vary. These instruments would all make excellent purchases and are well worth the price tag. Guitar makers like Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, and ESP continue to make great electric guitars. There are other brands out there too so check them out and have fun playing your new guitar.