Best 5 Fitness DVD for Beginning and Continuing Fitness

Top 5 Fitness DVD for Fitness

The DVDs listed here are the ones that have given me the most success in achieving my fitness goals. I began this journey in February of 2012, having avoided exercise for probably 10 years or so. Although I was not obese or even overweight at the time, the idea of exercising on a regular basis seemed exhausting to me. I was working full-time and raising a family which meant endless car trips to and from the arena along with the daily chores involved in the upkeep of a house. Then, of course, there was dinnertime to contend with. I found that excuses were easy to find and I had a hard time finding motivation although deep down I wanted to improve my health and fitness level.

So I decided - and this is key - to exercise for 10 minutes per day right after work. I found the 10 minute workouts from my healthy living magazines and set a timer with my phone for 10 minutes. I rotated through the exercises until the timer went off. That's it. I was done in no time and felt as if I had accomplished something that has seemed truly impossible. I told myself that I would continue this way for as long as I could.

My next move was to begin working out with a DVD as the 10 minute routines began to get a little boring. I would alternate between a DVD and a 10 minute routine throughout the week, taking one day off per week. Here are my favourite fitness DVDs to start your life-long fitness program;

  • Gaiam Covered Resistance Cord Workout Kit (not a cardio workout but resistance is also very important in fitness).
  • Cardio Burn Sculpt (Tanja Djelevic). Has many workout options on one DVD if you don't have a lot of time.
  • Total Body Balanceball Workout (Tanja Djelevic).
  • 5 Day Fit Weightloss (many different options for each day of the week).
  • Reebok Bootcamp (a little tougher but is still a quick workout).

I own and have done every workout on each of these DVDs. These Fitness DVDs were not a huge investment, averaging $10-$15 per DVD. By alternating between them, I did not get bored with my workout and stuck with it since they were quick and 'over with' soon enough! These are the best 5 DVDs to start your fitness plan. I wish you the best.