Farmers greatly depend on tractors as one of their main pieces of farming equipment. They come in all shapes and sizes with different horsepower and speed; however, they all happen to do one main thing: make farming much easier. Choosing the best tractor can be a tough decision. However, you can make a great decision through a few considerations, such as how much space you have to use and store it, the type of work you want the tractor to do, and of course, your budget. Here is a list of the top five tractors counting down from number four to the number one top tractor to help you decide on the best tractor for you.

Ford Tractors

The Fordson Model F sold 750,000 units between 1917 through 1928, selling more than any tractor in USA's history. This was the first lightweight and very affordable tractor, built and manufactured by Henry Ford and Son Inc. Average farmers were able to own one because it was mass produced and lightweight, making it cheaper to buy.

The 20 horsepower with a four-cylinder vaporizing oil engine made the work easier on the farmers. It was also cheaper to maintain than it was with horses. The first three point hitch system was introduced in 1941 known as the 9 N Ford tractor and tractors still use the design today. The price was $750 in 1917 and even though there were a few flaws and reliability issues (which have now been fixed it), the Fordson held a firm ground in the United States farms. Ford tractors today are still of high quality; however, they have been competing with other tractors which are actually better. Their history is hard to dispute, and that is why Ford makes it to the top 5 tractor list.

Case IH Tractors

The second largest manufacturer of agriculture equipment in the world is the Case International Harvester Tractors. One of the most famous and familiar names in the history of tractors is Farmall. The design was built for rugged performance and versatility of farming. You can easily get through slippery spots, loose soil, or sand with less slipping of the wheels as it sports a mechanical front wheel drive. Wet disc brakes and power steering give you extremely smooth performance. Higher drivetrain efficiency is achieved with Farmall tractors in comparison to their competition.

The IH was one of the first row crop tractors because of the narrowly spaced front wheels, which also made it the first general purpose tractor. Maneuvering and accurate cultivation were just a few design traits. The pricing made it not only reliable but also the right one to choose. It is very much similar to the Fordson only with better cultivating ability making it a better choice.

Massey Ferguson Tractors

Another major global seller is the Massey Ferguson brand, which is used by Allis-Gleaner Corporation (AGCO). The first four wheel drive tractors were produced by Massey Harris 1930s. Massey Harris Ferguson TVO was the first massive production of tractors made by the company. The MF135 power and reliability compared to other tractors of its time was more popular in 1958. Today the 5400, 6400, 7400, and 8400 are the models that most people go after. Right now in the world, there are more Massey tractors than any other brand of tractors.

John Deere Tractors

The leading manufacturer in the world of agricultural machinery is the Deere and Company (John Deere). Model D was the longest production span of the John Deere tractors, which were two-cylinder tractors in the time period of 1923-1953. The four and six cylinder tractors by John Deere came out in the 1960’s. The standard in which all other farm tractors were measured by was the John Deere 4020, coining the phrase “Nothing runs like a Deere.”