1.  Dropbox (Free).  Dropbox is an extremely useful program that allows you to easily sync files with any of your computers or mobile devices.  Take a photo and drop it in Dropbox so you can access it on your PC.  Drop a PDF file in your Dropbox folder and read it later on your iPod.  I also store all of my business cards electronically in Dropbox so I can easily access them on any electronic device when I need to; it’s much better than fumbling through paper business cards one by one!

2. Evernote (Free).  A great note taking tool that is awesome on the iPod Touch.  Easily save notes, pictures, or voice memos and use the Dropbox feature to upload to Dropbox and sync with your devices.  Snap a picture of a receipt or a business card and sync it with your devices.  Go green!  It’s a great way to type in simple notes and sync them with other devices as Evernote is a cloud based application itself.  Evernote is  major time and idea saver!

3. Instapaper ($4.99).  Well worth the five bucks if reading is part of your business.  Instapaper allows you to save web-pages to read later if you don’t have the time to read them when you see them.  It removes most of the ads and gives you clean text that is easy to read while keeping all of your “read later” pages in an RSS type feed.  

4. Kindle (Free).  The Kindle app is fantastic.  I have a Kindle E-Reader , but sometimes I don’t have it on me.  I always carry my iPod Touch because it is so small and very portable.  The Kindle app syncs beautifully and I can download and read any books that I was reading from my Kindle.  Any notes and highlights you take will are also accessible on any device and are saved to the cloud.  It's a great way to keep your library synced to all of your electronic devices. 

5. Shredder Chess (Free for Lite Version, $7.99 for full version).  I love to play chess, so playing chess while mobile is a must.  There are a few different chess apps out there, but for the serious player Shredder is great.  The free version is good enough for playing some game here and there to kill time, but the full version for $7.99 is actually a great value, considering you can save your games, analyze games, play against a stronger engine, a large opening database, and more.  You really get a full featured professional app right on your iPod Touch or iPhone.  As a note, I used to use Fritz Chess on the PC as it was a good value and well known application; however, since I like the Shredder mobile app so much, and the fact that Shredder makes a full version for the Linux platform (the only major chess program that does), I will be switching to Shredder for all of my computer chess needs.