Being a teenager trying to find your first job can be very overwhelming. The news talks about the unemployment rate going up and how difficult it is to find employment these days. It might seem to you that you would have no chance competing for the open positions that exist.


The good news is that this is not true. There are many companies and openings that are just right for you to apply to for your first job. These are the types of positions that many on unemployment ignore when they are looking for work.


Best First Job Options


Number One: Retail Cashier


Think about all of the different stores that you go to through the course of your week. There are clothing discount stores, and everything in between. These places of business need sales clerks to help their customers get what they need. You are a great person to fit this need.


Most retailers need help on nights and weekends. Since for many teens this is the time that they have available to work, this is a perfect match. When your availability is what a company is looking for, it makes you the perfect candidate for the position.


There are many great skills that you can learn in taking this on as a first job. The top one of these is customer service skills. Being able to interact with the public is something that every company in all different areas looks for when they are doing their hiring.


Number Two: Amusement Parks


The summer months are a time of fun and lots of free time. Have you ever noticed when you have gone to your favorite amusement park that most of the people working there are in their teens? It is true.


From being a ticket person to running concession stands, there are hundreds of positions that a basic amusement park needs to fill each summer.  Because these are not permanent full time employment, many people pass over these. This makes them great for your first job.


You can get experience doing many different tasks in this type of company. The other thing that you might not realize is the benefits that these companies give our often good too. Usually, you will free passes to the amusement park for your days off.


Number Three: Baby Sitting


Baby sitting might seem cliché as a first job. However, you can earn some good money doing this. Parents everywhere are always in need of someone to watch their little ones so that they can get things done. Day care can be very expensive. You can meet these needs and earn much more then minimum wage doing this.


The key here is to get your first couple of clients so that you will have references when getting more people to work for. You will find that once you get in with a couple of families, word of mouth can help you to get more options then you can handle.


In this first job, you get to be your own boss. You get to schedule yourself and determine just how much money that you can make by how many clients that you take on. These skills will be put to great use later on in life as you build a career.


Number Four: Fast Food


Please do not skip over this option for you to find a first job. This type of employment often gets a bad rap. The joke of flipping burgers is one that many have heard. However, this very stereotype can make it easier to get hired with these companies. Less competition for openings, means you can usually get to work making money right away.


Customer service skills are at the front of the items that will help you down the line with future employment with these types of positions. You will also learn a bit about the food industry which can help you if you would like to work in restaurants and other hospitality careers later in life.


Number Five: Secretary


Perhaps you want your first job to be the beginnings of a career. This is something that you can do even when you are only in your teens. One of the best entry level positions for many companies is being a secretary. This is often the way to get your foot in the door to work your way up to bigger and better things.


Having some basic typing skills and be very organized will help you to get hired into this great type of employment. Remember that you might be answering phones today, but tomorrow who knows where you might end up in the company.


You will also get to see first hand how a company runs. There is a lot to be seen and learned from being a secretary in a company. You can easily take your days at the desk as a learning experience that will help you to grow.


Landing your first job when you are in your teens is great for so many reasons. It can teach you responsibility and skills that you can use later on down the road in your chosen career. Being employed can help you to save up money for college and other purchases. However, the most important thing is that this will mark the beginning of your transition into adulthood.


Remember that the employment opportunity that you take now, you do not have to be in for the rest of your life. Look at it as a stepping stone to the future that you dream of having. Each step you take now is going to get you where you want to be down the road.


With this list of positions to look for you should be able to find more than enough openings to apply to find the perfect employment opportunity for you. Once you have done that it is just a matter of submitting your application or resume and acing the job interview to get you on your way to making money. It is time to get yourself ready for these next steps.


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