Top Free Android Apps – The Latest Additions

Android phones with the various applications are great if you are looking for usability and great functionality. There are tons of these available in the market these days and while some of them are paid, a lot of very useful options are available for free. Here is a list of the top free Android apps:

Facebook for Android

Facebook is ranked only second to Google in terms of the popularity of a website, if you are hooked on to this social networking website, Facebook for Android application is for you. It is definitely one of the most used top free Android apps. The app works fast and also gives you access to most of the Facebook features almost instantaneously. It is a fairly stable application that also gives good real time communication options.


The Android marketplace is a great application to have on your phone, it gives you access to thousands of free and paid Android apps on your mobile. You can get the marketplace added to your phone and then download various other apps as well as games.

Google Maps on Android

Another of the top free Android apps is the Google maps application. Making your travel experience easy and also simplifying various routes for you, this is one app that you must have.

Meebo IM

Meebo is a very popular chatting option allowing you to chat with contacts on multiple accounts from one point. The Meebo IM app is very popular among Android phone users as it gives them the liberty to chat with people and keep in touch with them.

Amazon Kindle

Read books while you are on the move with Amazon Kindle on your Android phone. You can download e-books on your phone, adjust the text length and read them with great ease on your phone. This is definitely one of the top free Android apps for people who love to read.

Blogger App

Keeping your blog updated will not be a problem as you have a free app on your Android phone that will allow you to access your Blogger account anytime. It is a great way to ensure that you can upload pictures as well as content from your phone to the phone directly.

Twitter on Android

Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging website and with short tweets that can be easily types from your cell phone, you get a lot of leverage with the free Twitter application on your Android phone.

ASTRO File Manager

While you download all the applications and the files, you need a good, easy to use file manager on your Android phone as well. With the free version of the ASTRO File Manager you have one of the top free Android apps for your usage to manage all you other applications and file.

The above list of 8 most useful and popular Android phone apps can be downloaded from multiple sources on the web or by having the marketplace on your Android phone.