Playful Androids

Want to add a little fun to your smartphone or tablet PC? If you have a mobile device that uses the Android operating system, you've got plenty of options to keep you entertained and challenged for hours.  Here's a look at the Top 5 free gaming apps that are available for download in the Android Market.

  1. Angry Birds     Greedy pigs stole the Angry Birds eggs.  Now is the time for revenge! Use logic, skill and unique Angry Bird powers to destroy the fortresses of those thieving pigs in this addictive game that boasts 285 levels. Each level requires you to aim the angry birds with the right amount of force and right degree of altitude, while propelling them by a giant slingshot. For those that have already mastered the original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio and Angry Birds Seasons are also available for free download.
  2. Words With Friends     For those that love classic Scrabble and other word games, Words With Friends is the best free word game app available. Dazzle your friends with your ability to find the highest scoring combos amidst double and triple letter or word scores. Several play options are available including connecting with Facebook friends or playing against random opponents.  Total mobile addiction for word lovers!
  3. Guns'n'Glory WW2     This defense-action strategy game is the successor to the original Guns'n'Glory game that was centered in the "Wild West." In the World War II version, battles are played between the Axis and Allies. Get ready to march your troops and tanks to the frontlines!
  4. Drag Racing     Have a need for speed? In this addictive car racing game, you can select to challenge other racers online in 1-on-1 races or in multi-player races. Choose from 50+ cars to race, upgrade, paint or sell as you work your way through the various levels. 
  5. Fruit Ninja     This action game has gained worldwide popularity for its' fast and fun play. Increase your score on the leaderboard by slashing your way through a variety of fruits. Each level is as addicting as the last.  Brought to you by the game developers at Halbrick Studios, Fruit Ninja brings "sweet, tasty destruction with every slash!"

Angry Birds In-game Trailer