I remember when I first started dating my high school sweetheart and having no clue what to do in our small town after the first 5 dates. Some of these are good for bonding, some are relaxing, and some are just simple fun (and maybe a little silly). 

#1: Picnic


There are few places that can't be used for a picnic, so even if you don't live near a large orchard or field you can figure something out in a jiffy. A picnic is a great chance to show the guy or girl you're trying to impress that you can make a killer sandwich and know how to use tupperware for your pasta salad. It also allows both of you time to sit down and get to know each other. 

#2: Hiking


Playing some pick-up basketball or going on a run have a lot of ways of backfiring. You don't want to be seen as super competitive or mean when you dunk on your date, and you don't want to show just how out of shape you are while on a short jog, but a hike allows for the perfect scenario.

You will be surrounded by beautiful scenery and quite a bit of privacy by getting out of the city and into nature. Also, unlike in running or pick-up, you'll be able to have a nice conversation and get to know each other even more. A strong relationship is built on communication, and what better way then some one-on-one time in private!

#3: Pet Shop or Adoption Center


This one definitely files under the adorable and fun category of dates, but who doesn't like some kittens? You just have to walk around the pet shop and pet some meowing kittens and watch some exotic fish swim around. It is guaranteed to be full of smiles and laughs. 

#4: Look at Dream Houses


Driving, biking, or walking through really nice neighborhoods is surprisingly relaxing and fun. Step 1: make sure to be holding hands; step 2: talk about your dream houses (big lawn, no lawn, french doors, whatever!); step 3: make up stories about the people you see while you roam around and be creative together.

#5: People Watching


Go to the mall, but don't buy anything, just find some comfy seats and watch the flow of people around you. Judging people around you is something natural to do as a teenager, so why hold back, just make sure no one else hears you!