Earning money online is inherently quite simple. The amount of money you earn is where things get increasingly difficult. If you would like to earn an extra $100 a month it is not such a hard task. However, if you would like to earn $1000 a month now you are talking about some serious work. Making money online is just like your normal job. The harder you work the more you will in turn get payed. Think of it as earning a raise. Their are many free ways to earn money online however 5 really stick out apart from the rest. The Top 5 Free Ways to Earn Money Online are...........

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is becoming increasingly popular among those looking for free ways to earn money online. Writing can earn you very good money online. Another appeal to freelance writing making it earn its spot in the top 5 ways to earn money online is the fact that it brings in residual income. Also there is no limits on how much you can earn since you are writing entirely on your own time. The amount you earn also depends on the traffic you bring to your articles. For tips on how to drive quality traffic to your articles feel free to read helpful guide here.


Surveys are actually a great way to earn a couple hundred dollars every month online. If you join multiple survey sites this really becomes a reality. Completing several surveys a day can bring you in some serious cash. Now doing several surveys a day on sever different survey sites can really pay off. There are many that are free to sign up for. Doing some easy searching on Google is a great way to find them.

Paid To Click

Paid to Click sites are one of he riskier ways to earn money online. However when you find reliable sites and get a whole bunch of referrals, there is no easier way to earn money online. In order to make money on these sites you just need to click a certain amount of ads everyday. Once you click these ads, whether it be 4 or 10 you earn money off of your referrals clicks as well.

Get Paid To Sites

Get paid to sites are websites that offer incentives for you to complete offers submitted to the site via an affiliate. These affiliates pay the site owner for every offer you complete. The site owner then pays you. These offers you get paid to complete are very similar to the famed data entry you often hear about. Except this actually pays you.... Completing offers is usually submitting your email address or filling out a short survey. Pretty easy stuff. Many of these websites are United States residents only so be careful when signing up.


Adsense and other pay per click type of advertisements on your sites can also generate some great income. If you start receiving four to five hits on your adsense ads everyday you will soon start to see the cash trinkle in. Earning with adsense can take some time to start happening. Also a key aspect to this type of earning online is driving quality traffic to your ads. Yet another free way to earn money online.

Earning money online can turn into a full time job if you would like it to be. These are the Top 5 free ways to earn money online. To find examples of these types of websites visit Work From Home Dad. This is a great site providing examples and payment proofs of the Top 5 Free ways to earn money online.