It's always been said that the book is always better then the film based upon it, for this reason im going to list a few awesome books that in the next few years are going to be adapted into films:

5: Blood Meridian

This one is quite contreversial as it has been going through the hollywood pipeline for quite awhile, bouncing back and forth from directors, including Ridley Scott, Scott Rudin and Todd Field. The reason for this is that it is basically unfilmable, although this is said about alot of Cormac McCarthy's books including The Road, however I think that this especially is partly because if it was to be made into a film in my opinion it would have to be X-Rated it is that aggresively bloody through out, to make the film without this however it would not be the same story at all.
Blood Meridian is a Western Epic depicting a nameless characters extremely bloody saga through a number of events, there is almost no happy side to this novel it is bleak and dark all the way through, however McCarthy's descriptive style makes it an amazing novel that keeps you reading all the way through. Also the Judge is one of the most chillingly creepy characters ever, period.



This is quite interesting, i've never really loved the books and I especially hated the 1984 film adaption but I think that if put into the right hands then it could turn out as a decent revamp of the series, making this book into the film it truely needed to be. Apparently this is set to be adapted in 2010 probably slated for 2012 release if everything goes smoothly. Also PLEASE NO STING :)


This picture sums up the plot =D

3: Brighton Rock

This is one im especially excited about, I adored the book and I'm a great fan of Graham Greenes other work but out of all his books I've wanted to see an adaption for it has been this. It's hard to sum up the story without giving away the plot so the best way to explain it is, that it is a murder thriller set in Brighton with a handful of gangsters thrown in for good measure. Set to come out in 2010, and it is being directed by Rowan Joffe.

brighton rock

2: From A Buick 8

Another Stephen King film adaption, however this one could make for a great horror flick. In summary its about a car that eats people, I know that this sounds pretty weird however strangely typical of a Stephen King story. The plot is effectively, a strange car, a Buick 8, in a shed in the State police barracks in Statler, Pennsylvania holds a secret that young Ned Wilcox wants to discover. Not much of a suprise now =D


1: The Kind One

Only a few people have heard of this book, but I ensure you its a hell of a read. A Darkly comical gangster epic that will make for an amazing film as the writer Tom Epperson effectively writes the novel in the format of a script, the plot revolves around Danny Landon the main protaganist and supposed mobster who is suffering from insomnia after doing a job for his boss, who is given the nickname "The Kind One" due to a number of acts he has performed in the past, however Danny Landon continues to work for the mob while questioning his past at the same time. Being Directed by Ridley Scott this should make for a great film, set to come out in 2012 this is one im greatly looking forward too.

kind one

If you have any suggestions for additions please feel free to comment, also any questions just message me :)