When you and the guys want to get away from everything and go on a vacation together without your spouses or girlfriends then here are some of the best vacation spots. Regardless of what you or your buddies are looking for in a vacation you should be able to find one of these places to suit you desires.

5. Gulf of Mexico- Deep Sea fishing on a charter boat in the Gulf of Mexico is a great way to get away and have a lot of fun. Sure things have changed since the Gulf oil Disaster but you can still go fishing in some parts of the gulf.

If your fishing guides are not able to take you fishing yet then you may still be able to have them take the boat out. Partying out in the Gulf of Mexico is always fun regardless of if you are fishing or not.

4. Alaska- If you must fish and not have to worry about any oil spills then head to Alaska. In Alaska you can experience the thrill of catching huge fish. In addition to the fishing you can camp, hike, or pursue almost any outdoor activity.

If you are feeling lazy but still want to visit Alaska and meet some women then an Alaskan cruise may be the way for you and your buddies to experience Alaska.

If you ride Harley-Davidson Motorcycles with your buddies then you can road trip to Alaska on your bikes.

3. Vancouver, British Columbia- If you leave on a cruise to Alaska your cruise ship may leave out of one of the ports. Vancouver however is a great place to vacation with your buddies. The town is very 420 friendly. You can rent a boat for a "420 cruise". A mini yacht, wine, hot tubs, a couple of girls, and a 1/4 pound of the finest herbs! Canada is a great Country to visit with your guy friends,

2. San Diego- San Diego offers a ton of stuff that you and your guy friends will love to do. If you all are into sporting events you can attend a San Diego Chargers football game or a Padres baseball game. When the games done head to the beach for some body-boarding or rent a bicycle and ride the boardwalk flirting with the cuties in bikinis.

1. Las Vegas- They call Las Vegas "Sin City" for a reason. It is city that is full of debauchery and the vices that will make your Pastor cringe. If you want to have your own vacation like the boys did in the movie "The Hangover" then go ahead. I highly suggest you do not steal a police car while you are there.

Although there are strip club, prostitutes, and non-stop gambling you can also experience the calmer side of Las Vegas. You can visit one of the museums; visit Lake Mead, photograph Hoover dam, or rent ATV's and ride them in the desert.

Las Vegas does not have to a be a city of sin, but at least one of your friends is bound to get caught up in some funky situation with a pregnant blackjack dealer and that makes Las Vegas the number one getaway destination for you and your guy friends.