The Ghurka Kukri is one of the meanest tools you can get. They are known for their incredible chopping power and 'never broken in battle' design. Their use by the Ghurka tribes and military for over 500 years is a testament to the strength of the Kukri design.

In this article I will take a look at the top 5 Ghurka Kukri with the best reviews. Some of the Kukri on this list are a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. When it comes to tools sometimes it's worth investing the extra money in higher quality.  

If, instead, you are looking for cheaper Kukri, check out the list of the best cheap Ghukra Kukri. It is still possible to get some really great knives on a tighter budget.

5 - Genuine Ghurka Kukri by Bud K

Genuine Ghurka Kukri by Bud KCredit: Amazon.comThis Kukri from Bud K is everything you would expect from a traditionally styled Ghurka Kukri. It has has a full-length exposed tang and a handle made from traditional hardwood. The blade is the traditional eastern Kukri design and is a full 1/4 inch thick - just as you would expect from a good-quality eastern Kukri. The metal has also been tested to be at about .5% carbon, an appropriate level for a Kukri as it provides the metal with the flexibility and edge-holding capabilities necessary for heavy use. It comes unsharpened but after sharpening it will hold an edge very well. 

This Kukri has been found to have several minor issues by some customers, mostly pertaining to the quality of the sheath. It may be worth investing or making another sheath to hold this Kukri. Otherwise the Kukri itself has very positive reviews. The Bud K genuine Ghurka Kukri knife sells for $31.83 on Amazon. 

Big Bohica Kukri Machete by Bud KCredit:

4 - Big Bohica Kukri Machete by Bud K

Bud K's Big Bohica Kukri machete is also featured in the top list of cheap Kukri. It is simply excellent value for money. The Big Bohica has a 13 and a 1/2 inch full tang blade with a black finish. The handle is a simple but sturdy triple-bolted plastic design. The blade comes sharpened but it is not very flexible which makes it fine for machete work but not great as a weapon which is just an authenticity issue - it shouldn't be used as a weapon anyway.

This is not the highest quality Kukri available but for the price of $17.13 on Amazon it's great value. 

3 - Genuine Ghurka Kukri - British Ghurka Army Issue by GK&CO.KUKRI

British-Ghurka Style KukriCredit: Amazon.comThis Kukri comes straight from Nepal and is the same as those issued to Ghurka soldiers in the British-Ghurka army. As such it's quality cannot be doubted. These things are made to last. There is a reason they are rumoured to have never been broken in battle! This Kukri comes with a sheath and two traditional smaller knives - one for animal skinning and one for sharpening the Kukri blade.

The design is traditional for a World War 1 & 2 style Kukri. It's blade is full tang and is high carbon steel. The handle is buffalo horn with copper bands to secure it in place. This Kukri is as authentic as you can get - made by Nepalese Kami. These Kukri sell for between $49.99 and $89.99 on Amazon but supplies are pretty limited.

2 - Ghurka Kukri with Kraton Handle by Cold Steel

Cold Steel Ghurka Kukri with Kraton HandleCredit: Amazon.comCold Steel are a well-known maker of swords, knives, axes and many other tools and weapons. They offer modern and traditional designs but they can carry a hefty price tag. The Cold Steel Ghurka Kukri with the Kraton handle is no exception - with a retail price of about $300. However, it can often be found for much cheaper on Amazon, it is listed at $171.89 at the time of writing.

The Cold Steel Kukri is a modernised design of Kukri with a whole heap of technology going into refining the traditional design of the Kukri. This design is better suited to thrusting whilst still maintaining the cutting power that traditional Kukri have. As the saying goes "you get what you pay for" but for $170-$300 the Cold Steel Kukri may be more than most people need. 

1 - Black Kukri Machete by Ka-Bar

Black Kukri Machete by Ka-BarCredit:

The Black Kukri machete by Ka-Bar has the perfect balance of cost and quality. It is comparable in quality to the Cold Steel kukri but is only a fraction of the price giving it the number one spot on this list.

Ka-Bar's Kukri has extremely positive reviews (an average of 5/5 stars on Amazon) and with good reason. It has a high-grade 1085 carbon steel blade weighs a hefty 1.7 pounds and has a blade length of eleven and a half inches. It is the perfect size and design for both machete use and utility knife work. This Kukri will easily cut small branches, split logs, clear scrub without losing it's edge. It's the perfect campers tool. 

The Black Kukri Machete by Ka-Bar is not quite as good as the Cold Steel but for the cost it's much better value. It retails for about $66 but you can find it on Amazon for about $40.

Tips for Buying Kukri

Remember that when it comes to Ghurka Kukri you often get what you pay for - but that doesn't always mean the best one is the most expensive. The best way to find a great Ghurka Kukri machete is to read as many reviews as possible. Amazon is a great place to find reviews from people who have already bought the product. You can often find out what modifications will need to be made, whether the blade will need sharpening and what manufacturing flaws to expect. 

Whichever Kukri you decide to go with it is worth investing in a good sharpening stone and a sharpening steel. Some Kukri come with a set for sharpening, but not many. I recommend buying at least a sharpening steel from the very outset as most blades come from the factory quite dull.

Thank you for reading! I hope this guide to the top 5 Ghurka Kukri with the best reviews has helped you find the right Kukri for you.