Top 5 Gluten Sensitivity Supplements for 2012

What if gluten is giving you problems like cramping, gas and bloating, but it is not so severe that you sometimes wish you had a dose of morphine? There are 3 ways that you can battle cases of gluten sensitivity that is problematic but not diagnostic of a disease like Celiac (if there is no intestinal damage, for example).

  1. You can go completely GF just like the severely gluten intolerant people do.  
  2. You can take a supplement that helps break down the gluten that you eat.
  3. You can take a supplement that tries to improve your gut function so it can handle this protein on its own better

This article focuses on the bottom two options in that list for relieving mild to moderate gluten intolerance symptoms. Of course you can radically alter your diet and cut out all this problematic protein. If you are not dealing with villi damage in your intestine, and the symptoms are not crushingly sever, even though they really bother you (and perhaps others), I bet you’d like a better solution than all or nothing. Remember, speak with your doctor before beginning any new regimen or treatment.

Top 5 Gluten Sensitivity Supplements:

5. Gluten-Zyme

  • Reasonably priced
  • Certified vegetarian (vegicaps)
  • Support for gluten ingestion only gluten-zyme

4. Gluten Defense

  • Very affordable with the current Amazon sale for a bottle of 120 capsules (60 servings per container).
  • Reduces reactive gliadin protein itself.
  • Good for minor traces of “hidden" wheat or barley  if taken as a regular daily supplement
  • Multi spectrum enzyme formula helps tackle protein, carbohydrates, and fats gluten defense(84227)

3. GlutenEase

  • Powerful multi-spectrum formula including support for gluten and casein ingestion.
  • No filler GFCF formula including DPP-IV which can help prevent the inflammatory reaction of gluten in sensitive individuals to allow for more normal digestion.
  • A bit pricier, but arguably more potent, with good discounts available. GlutenEase

2. Gluten Freeze

  • GFCF sensitivity support (“hidden gluten” support)
  • Probiotic blend with proteolytic enzymes for immune support
  • Moderately priced with big discounts and subscription discounts available gluten freeze

1. Gluten Digest

  • Very affordable gluten support
  • Vegetarian (Vcaps)
  • DPP IV formulation
  • Added carb (glucoamylase) and dairy enzyme support
  • Certified stable in stomach acid gluten digest

    Gluten Digest by NOW is my favorite choice and the one recommend regularily.

Remember to read the label and review of any gluten sensitivity supplement you are considering. My recommendation is to think about taking one as a daily supplement, or at least well before you eat out at a restaurant or at a friend’s home.


If you have more digestive issues than just gas and bloating from contact with gluten, consider one of the products that has a multi-spectrum enzyme formula that will help digest all the types of macro-nutrients you eat, not just gluten or proteins. Another option is to use a good digestive enzyme as well as a probiotic formula to help regulate digestion and intestinal function on two fronts.  There are tons of products on the market these days, so be careful that what you buy is not just capitalizing on the gluten-free trend, and has very little active ingredients in it.