The veteran golfer is constantly on the prowl for the unsurpassed when it comes to novel and thrilling golf courses that are changing the shape in the sport. Here are five must-play golf courses in the United States.

  1. Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, PA – Oakmont is declared to be one of the most intricate courses in America. The greens are smooth and totally curved and combined with uneven ditches along the fairways and practically 200 bunkers. The course opened in 1903 and was inspired to bear a resemblance the open greens of Britain.

  2. Pacific Dunes in Bandon, OR – While it's only been in existence since 2001, many believe Pacific Dunes to be the biggest opponent to Pebble Beach as the finest public access track in the country. The course is not easy with consecutive par 3s and in the midst of attractive scenery.

  3. Pine Valley Golf Club in Clementon, NJ – Pine Valley is 15 miles from Philadelphia and is regularly listed in many highly regarded lists for the greatest golf courses in the world and the U.S. George Crump is the originator of the course and insisted that the island be the main central point of the area. The tee is an island and the fairway, although it is 55 yards wide, is an island. Every plot is bounded by sand, dense woods and water as well as beautiful landscapes.

  4. Cypress Point in Pebble Beach, CA – Cypress Point is known for its scenic surroundings of the ocean and nature (players have had sights of deer roaming the area). The course was designed by Alister Mackenzie and is one of the most private clubs in the world. The first nine rounds twist through plots of trees and the last nine are surrounded by the ocean. With such beautiful scenery, it's a good opportunity to wear the best women's golf clothing.

  5. Shinnecock Hills Golf Course in Southampton, NY – William Vanderbilt, Duncan Cryder and Edward Mead were the first ones to learn of the area in the ritzy Long Island town of Southampton. With the aid of 150 Shinnecock Indians, a 12-hole course was built in 1891; the course had been changed several times afterward. A rarity of the course is that the longest par 4s play downwind while the shorter par 4s play into the wind.