Now that we have reached the quarter point of the 2008-09 season, it is time to take a look at the best and worst transactions made during the offseason. This list does not include players who resigned with their current teams, maintaining the status quo.

These results can change very quickly since none of the NHL teams signed those players for 20 games but we are able to show so far which teams are happy with the deals they made while others might be regretting. When doing sports predictions for a fantasy league, it is quite difficult in the summer months to assess which players will live up to expectations and their is always a bit of luck that always comes to play.

With that in mind, here are some of the good and not so UFA signings thus far:

Good UFA Signings

1.) Marian Hossa signing a 1 year contract worth $7.45 million in Detroit (14-14-28, plus-9 in 25 GP)


Deciding to sign for less money for a strong chance at winning the Stanley Cup is what Marian Hossa did in the offseason. So far, he should not be regretting his decision one bit, by leading the team in goals and points and playing on the league's best line with Pavel Datsyuk and Thomas Holmstrom.

2.) Brian Campbell signing an 8 year contract worth $57.12 million in Chicago (4-10-14, plus-7 in 18 GP)


Brian Campbell was the most sought after unrestricted free agent this past summer and has signed a hefty contract with the Blackhawks. So far, the Blackhawks have definitely gotten their money's worth and as long as he remains healthy they will get more than their return on investment. Brian is considered as a power play quarterback who is also dominant in his own zone. He has helped the Blackhawks improve from 24th last season on the power play to 7th this year.

3.) Alex Auld signed a 2 year, $2 million contract with the Ottawa Senators (9-6-4, 2.06 GAA, .924 SV % in 19 GP)


Signed initally to be a backup to Martin Gerber, Auld has performed extremely well and took over the starting net minder postion in Ottawa. He is definatly a strong factor to the Senators current success and climb in the standings.

4.) Rob Blake signed a 1 year, $5 million contract with the Sharks. (2-11-13, minus-1 in 20 GP)


At 38 years old, he Rob is not showing many signs of slowing down. He provides great leadership on and off the ice while his rocket slap shot is a great weapon from the point especially on the power play.

5.) Niklas Hagman signed a 4 year, $20 million contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs (6-7-13, plus-3, in 19 GP)


At first, this signing sounded like a lot of money, but so far it looks like Hagman is worth the money playing on the Leafs top line and contributing offensively with lots of hard work.

Not So Good UFA Signings

1.) Sean Avery signed a 4 year, 15.5 million contract with the Dallas Stars. (2-7-9, plus-4, in 18 GP)

Productionwise, Sean Avery is worth the money. However, his big mouth and ego has landed him once again into alot of trouble with the league and the Dallas Stars for telling reporters the stupid comment about sloppy seconds. This comment has been heard all across hockey nation and even in the mainstream news leading to him being suspended 6 games by the league and not welcome back with the Stars.


In case you were not in the loop on what had happened, check this out:

2.) Ryan Malone signed a 7 year, 31.5 million contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning (3-0-3, minus-2, in 14 GP)


Coming off a career season in Pittsburgh last season, Ryan Malone is a dissapointment so far in Tampa Bay and must have upper management regretting this signing.

3.) Cristobal Huet signed a 4 four year, $22.5 million contract with the Blackhawks (3-3-1, 2.95 GAA, .900 SV%)


Huet signed in Chicago expecting to take over the starting role for Nikolai Khabulin but after a few weak starts and exceptional play from Khabibulin, Huet now finds himself warming the bench.

4.) Bobby Holik signed a one-year, 2.5 million contract in New Jersey (0-0-0, even in 6 GP)


Even though defence is his strength, going pointless in 6 games played is surely not worth 2.5 million. Good thing the Devils only signed him for 1 year and if he doesnt pick up his game, the Devils are sure not to resign his in the offseason.

5.) Brendan Morrison signed a one year, 2.75 million contract in Anaheim (2-2-4, minus-6 in 20 GP)


Anaheim has been exceptionally patient for Morrison to bounce back from knee surgery and is starting to contribute a little bit, but is a long ways away from earning his paycheck.