Maintaining a lawn throughout the summer months can be a daunting task; however, the top 5 grass cutting tools that are listed throughout this article will make it much easier! Whether your goal is to have the thickest grass in the neighbourhood, or simply to keep your lawn growing throughout the summer months, you should include these tools in your arsenal!

The prices of these landscaping tools range from $25 to well over $250; however, they can all be used to cut your grass in one way or another!

5. Black And Decker GS500 3.6 Volt Grass Shear

I would not recommend trying to mow your whole lawn with a set of grass shears.  Not only will it take you well over 5 hours to do so, but grass shears do not do a good job at cutting the grass evenly! With that being said, you may be wondering to yourself: what would I use grass shears for?

The truth of the matter is that the Black and Decker GS500 grass shear is perfect for cutting small patches of grass! Some people decide to place patches of grass at an elevated level; this can commonly be seen on the interior plants of condominiums and apartments. Have you ever tried to mow a small patch of grass that is sitting 3 feet above the ground with a lawn mower? It is simply not possible!

This is where the Black and Decker grass shears will come into play. They are pretty much useless for landscaping the outdoor section of your house; however, they will work wonders when it comes to the plants, vegetables, and grass that you are growing inside of your house!

4. Fiskars 9210 Manual Grass Shears

I really like this manual landscaping tool because it comes with a very long handle that will allow you to cut the grass while you are standing up. Grass trimmers are the most efficient way to cut the grass that is at the edge of your lawn; however, it is hard for someone with a broken arm to operate one! The Fiskars grass shears are the perfect solution for people that only have access to one hand!

These grass shears can be operated with a single hand, and pressing the lever down lightly will cause the shears to  cut the grass!

3. Poulan P3500 17 Inch String Trimmer

This is one of Poulan Pro’s most powerful grass trimmers. It is the perfect landscaping tool for people that cut the grass in large fields because it has a large 17 inch string radius and contains a powerful 25cc motor.

I must tell you that it is a gas powered trimmer. People can sit here all day long and debate about the gas vs electrical grass trimmer battle; however, there are a few benefits to choosing a gas powered trimmer such as the P3500.

The main advantage is that it can be used anywhere, regardless of whether or not there is an electrical outlet nearby. Mowing the lawn of a 3 acre field will allow you to see that there are no electrical outlets nearby. Therefore, an electric string trimmer would be nearly useless! The Poulan Pro P3500 will allow you to cut the grass wherever you are!

2. Fiskars 18 Inch Push Reel Lawn Mower

I don’t see people using many push reel mowers anymore; however, there are still some people that enjoy using these machines to cut their grass! For one, environmentally conscious people will understand that the Fiskars push reel mower does not produce any emissions; therefore, reducing the harm on our environment that gas lawn mowers cause! In addition, the 18 inch mower does not make any noise, which means that it can be used during any time of day/night without disturbing anybody! Thinking about mowing your lawn at 3 in the morning? Fiskars’ 18 inch push reel mower is the perfect tool for you!

1. Husqvarna 7021P 3-In-1 Push Lawn Mower

When people see the “3-in-1” symbol beside a lawn mower, they automatically assume that it includes other tools such as a grass trimmer, electric edger, or leaf blower. However, the Husqvarna triples up in a different way! This push lawn mower provides you with three options when it comes time to cut your grass: mulch, rear bag, and side discharge! Choose the one that you like, and begin to landscape your house!

As you can see, there are 5 very important landscaping tools listed throughout this article, and all of them can be used to cut your grass! These tools are designed to cut your grass, but not make it grow; watering your lawn is very important, and should not be neglected! Be sure to consider any of the grass cutting tools that are listed throughout this article for a lawn that your neighbours will adore!