Halloween traditionally is a holiday where people gather together in a commonplace to celebrate those things that look ghoulish, scary and frightening. When you go shopping for Halloween ensure you stay away from boring, outdated and regularly scheduled Halloween programming and try to purchase the costumes which are trendy , cute and adorable in order to celebrate your Halloween in a very unique way.

If you are blessed with baby, you will know from the baby's perspective, that all they need is to be warm, to be fed and kept dry. They will also need a lot of love, care and hugs. Usually babies don't care much about how cute they are, but it's a role of you as a parent to ensure your baby is sweetly dressed especially on the Halloween holiday. As a parent Halloween will be the best opportunity for you to capitalize on the cherubic and precious nature of your toddler by buying for him/her a Halloween costume to make him/her look stunning on the Halloween day. Babies' Halloween costumes are cleverly designed to keep your child both warm and cuddly on the chilly autumn weather; they will also ensure that your baby looks too cute for the day. Below are the top 5 Halloween costumes for babies.

Strawberry Shortcake

This Halloween costume makes your baby as sweet as sugar, spice or she will be berry nice! Your baby girl will definitely love this because most little baby girls love Strawberry Shortcake and her gang very much. This costume is very adorable and very popular because the little baby girls love her green-striped tights and her over-sized pink cap which has strawberries all over it. This costume can be found in most sizes.  Even though this article is for babies, there are costumes for all ages.  You could get costumes of Strawberry Shortcake’s friends for the family. This will make your baby girl the star with a cast of characters that will sure to be an attention getter. Do not forget to carry along the red wig plus the treat bag or the strawberry trick to make it look perfect.


This dark knight Halloween costume will be great for your baby son, this costume is usually very popular because it is so recognizable. Most of this attire comes with a full body suit plus a very nice mask, and of course, an awesome cape. Kids really love the cape! You will be surprised to see your little son running happily within the house with his cape flying behind him ready to find and fight the bad guys as the Batman.

Baby BatmanCredit: www.amazon.comYou can also get the Batman for baby costume.  This is a cute little costume that includes one bunting with printing on it so the baby will not be hurt by accessories.  It also comes with a bat ears headpiece.  This particular costume is for babies up to 9 months old.  This getup can be bought at Amazon as well, ranging in price $12-$30.

Batman The Brave And The Bold Romper Blue Batman, Blue Print, 6-12 Months
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Disney Princess

This Halloween attire is very cute and it will definitely be your choice for your baby girl because your baby will fall in love with the Disney Princess. You will be very lucky because this garb has got very many choices available and they include the sleeping beauty, the princess, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid, just to name a few. There are so many to choose from that you can decide which one fits your precious little girl’s personality.  She is probably already so cute, this costume will just bring attention to the princess you already know. Most of the princess costumes usually come with some beautiful ball gown in the corresponding princess' colors. Don't forget to carry the crown along because what defines a princess without her tiara?

Baby Lobster

This is one of the most popular costumes for the babies; its popularity is simply because it is one of the most unique baby costumes of the present time.  Especially to those babies who are in their crawling stage. This costume is not only cute, but can be very funny as your crawling baby looks just like a lobster while crawling.  The costume usually has the lobster tail that pulls behind the little baby as she/he crawls. It is so adorable costume and very perfect for a girl or a boy. Typically, most of the lobster costumes include legs, crawls and the great eyes that usually stick up on the headpiece. This costume is perfect and you should never forget about it when Baby LobsterCredit: www.amazon.comshopping for your small baby. There are many sizes available and the prices do vary.  You can even get the costume for infants who are not yet in the crawling or walking stages yet.  It is as adorable for the infant who cannot crawl as it is for the one who can.

Lobster Costume - Infant
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Captain America

The Captain America fights for the truth and justice the American way! This costume is very adorable and has very good features. Most of the Captain America costumes come with jumpsuit, mask and a shield which will be perfect for your little baby's crime fighter.  Captain America is very popular across the world with the release of the movie in the last few years.  Infant Captain AmericaCredit: www.amazon.comThis costume comes in the infant bunting style too.  Your baby will turn the eyes of all onlookers with the Captain America get up.

In conclusion, when you are out to buy for your baby his or her new Halloween costume ensure that you buy the costumes that will not scare them and also buy them in time before their prices go up as this will save you some money. Choose the colors of these costumes very well keeping in mind that they will be worn by playful children. Remember, you should also ensure your child is safe during the Halloween celebrations. I advise that you be always near your child so that he/she may not get lost as there may be many children with the same costume as your child's which might confuse you.