Just because some women are grown doesn't mean they shouldn't enjoy Halloween just as much as when they were kids. For most children, the most important aspect of Halloween is not really "trick or treating" but the part where they get to dress up. Boys love super hero costumes such as Superman, Batman and Spider man and so. Girls love princess and fairy costumes. Men like to dress up in silly costumes.  But what about women? A lot of women like to dress up in costumes that make them feel sexy.  Being a guy, I like it. 

Some women think they are too old to go "trick or treating" and many of them probably wouldn't even if they could. Candy goes right to hips or butt they say.  Therefore, the next best thing for women is dressing up. Halloween is the time of year when many people let our hair down to reveal the inner kid in themselves, or even to let out their alter egos. It's not enough for some of people though to just have fun, they want to be the life of the party. If you want to be the life of the party next Halloween, the first step to having this dream realized is to choose the right outfit. To be the life of the party you have to stand out from the rest and make a bold statement. The right outfit will do just that.

I've been to many Halloween parties and I've taken keen note of what's hot and what's not. It is with this in mind that I've come up with the top Halloween costumes for women who want to be the life of the party. These outfits will have guys gaping and girls envying, and because you look so good, you'll relax, enjoy yourself and totally be life of the party.

The top 5 Halloween costumes for women are:

Hello Kitty Costume

If you think Hello Kitty was only for little girls, you better think again. Although initially aimed Another Hello Kitty CostumeCredit: www.amazon.comat pre-teen girls, this Japanese phenomenon has expanded to include adult consumers. Hello Kitty costumes are quite sexy as well as adorable. I have seen two versions of this outfit. The first one is a mini dress. The bottom half is made of a pink skirt make from a sparkle organza and the bodice is white with Hello Kitty printed on the front. The second one is a red sequined flared mini dress with puff sleeves. It has a plunging square neckline.  This particular Hello Kitty costume has a stretchy bodice with a white printed Hello Kitty face 

The Cat Woman Costume

Halle BerryCredit: rollingout.comHalle Berry totally rocked this one in the movie of the same name and so did Anne Hathaway in the movie, "The Dark Knight Rises". Either version of the costume will bring out your inner vixen. Anne Hathaway's costume is more popular though. The Dark Knight Rises Halloween costume features a zip front stretch jump suit with mesh detail and a satin trim. The costume accessories include: eye mask, cat ears, head band, detachable belt and thigh high faux leather boot covers.

These costumes can be made of different materials.  I do not suggest the rubber costume, even though it looks chic hot, it is most definitely temperature hot. 

Dirty Sexy Cop Costume

Most of us love to be in authority and this costume gives you the right to arrest for one night only. This costume is a mini police dress with brass buttons on the front and a ruffled hem. Handcuff style garters are attached to the hem. The accessories for this costume includes about any police item you could think off.  I personally think a tazer is not a good idea.  Accessories could include a police hat, badge and handcuffs.  If you want to go a little further you could get some fingerless gloves, wide patent leather belt and a plastic "walkie talkie". You are bound to turn heads in this one.  Getting arrested could never be this much fun.

French Maid costume

Oooh La la! This costume is sexy and timeless. It evolved from the black and white afternoon Jennifer AnistonCredit: www.jenniferanistonmovies.netuniforms of typical maids in the 19th century. Jennifer Aniston donned this costume in her movie, "Friends with Money" and smoked up the screens. Jennifer Aniston wore this in the movie “Friends with Money and looked excellent.  The ones that I've seen feature a classic poly knit French maid dress with a lace apron attached and ruffled underskirt details. The outfit is completed with thigh high fish net stockings. Don't forget your duster if you wear this one though.  Did I Mention Jennifer Aniston wore this costume in the movie “Friends with Money and that she looked Sexy as… (Yes I know I repeated this a couple of times, but I thought it was worth saying three times.  Guys, watch the movie and you will know what I mean). Gals get the costume for Halloween

Devil Costume

I'm no angel! Are you? This costume is really "hot" featuring a red corset mini dress.  Some even light up if you find the right one.  A  devil horn headband, pitch fork and detachable devil tail complete this costume. If you can find the light up one you will show up better. The thoughts you conjure up might be a sin, but the looks and attention you get will be heavenly.  You will convince every man you meet to come over to the dark side when you are wearing this costume.  This devil costume makes bad look good. This costume is sure to turn up the heat at any Halloween party. Bad never looked so good.

You cannot go wrong if you choose any one of these outfits. They are all chic, fun, and show stoppers in their own right. Remember though that just wearing a nice outfit will not make you the life of the party. So let your engaging and carefree personality shine through your costume at your next Halloween party.

After writing this article, from a guy’s standpoint, I wished Halloween was every day.  But alas, it is only one time a year.  You can show the world that you know how to have fun.  Halloween is the one time a year you can be whoever you want to be. The five different ideas for costumes that were discussed above are just a few of the ideas you could consider.  Remember, dressing up for Halloween does not mean you are immature, unsophisticated, or uncouth.  It just means, you work hard being a lady all year long and now it is time show everyone that you are multifaceted and can adapt. 

I leave you with one more thought, Jennifer Aniston wore the French Maid Costume in her movie “Friends With Money” and she looked hot, but you got one thing Jennifer Aniston did not have in that movie.  You have a choice to describe what level of “hot” you are going to take it to.  She had to follow a script and you do not.  Happy Halloween, you little Devil.   

Disclaimer and Apology

To you the reader, I must apologize.  I had pictures and links for you to order these great costumes off of Amazon.  However, Google stated this was too racy and I had to delete most of the pictures and also the Amazon links. There was no nudity, but the legs above the knees were showing and maybe a little cleavage.  I also had to change the title from The Top 5 Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women to the present title.  These costumes were very easy to find on Amazon.  They are all over the web and I hope you find the right one to make you feel special.  I tried to write an article and add a little pazzaz to it for you the reader, but alas I must follow the rules that Google sets forth, because they make the rules and impede the freedom of speech for us writers.  Have a Happy Halloween.