When you have wood flooring, proper care, including the use of hardwood floor cleaners is vital to keeping this beautiful element in top shape. Wood floors add a touch of sophistication and style to any home as well as enhance the value of the property. Whether you have exotic hardwood floors like tigerwood flooring or more common wood such as oak flooring, keeping them clean needs to become a regular part of your home maintenance routine. With so many wood floor cleaners on the market, it's hard to know which ones to use.

Hoover FloorMate Hard Floor Cleaner is designed for use on sealed hard floors. Not only can you use this on hardwood floors, but it's also compatible with acrylic, granite, tile, vinyl and even laminate flooring. Designed for use with a Hoover Dirt Devil machine, you can also use the product in standard floor cleaning machines as well. Regular users of the product praise it for its pleasant smell and fast-acting dirt fighting capabilities.

Hope's Floor Revive Floor Shine receives top reviews from consumers. One 16 ounce bottle is designed to cover 320 square feet of floor space. Those will dull wood floors may particularly find this hardwood floor cleaner useful as it is designed to restore and renew shine on both no-wax and regular wood floors. It's said by some that this product even successfully camouflages small dents and scratches.

Mohawk Floorcare Essentials Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner is sold in one-gallon containers. In addition to your wood floors you can also use it on tile and grout. Both pet and people-safe, those who purchased the product say that you can put minimal physical effort into the actual cleaning and still receive great results. Also contributing to the product's ease of use is the fact it doesn't require rinsing. Simply clean the floor and let it dry.

It's still possible to find a good wood floor cleaning product that's designed for quick use. Swiffer WetJet Wood Floor Cleaner comes in 1.25-Liter bottles and receives high marks from product reviewers. The one downside is that you can't use it on waxed or oiled hardwoods. To use, attach to your Swiffer WetJet, spray the solution and mop the area. There's no rinsing required. Users say that it works quickly to remove a wide range of dirt and grime in addition to smelling good.

The Bona Kemi Hardwood Floor Cleaner is sold in 32-ounce spray bottles and 128-ounce refill bottles. You can use the product on all urethane based hardwood floors that don't require wax. The cleaner is pre-mixed and pre-diluted saving the user time. You can also use the product on vinyl and ceramic tile flooring. Non-toxic, this hardwood floor cleaner is environmentally-friendly.