Used Cars
Credit: KB35 on Flickr

The new car market is undoubtedly expensive and arguably risky seeing as how new cars lose value as soon as they leave the lot. Because of this, used cars are a lot more popular with American consumers. Not only are they cheaper off the bat, you have a much higher chance of making more money back when it comes time to sell. And there is certainly a lot of buying and selling that goes on when it comes to used cars. There are five used cars which sell more than every other used car in the US, and each one of them is revealed in this list.

5- Honda Accord

Accords will probably always be popular in America. They are incredibly well-made cars that offer a ton of great features at a very attractive price. Plus they last forever, meaning that they are more likely to see multiple owners during their lifespan. Accords can come with a powerful V6 or environmentally friendly Hybrid version as well as many other variants.

4- Honda Civic

Counting both the new and used markets, the Civic is the top-seller out of all small sedans in the US, and just like the Accord, it lasts forever, further increasing the chance that it will continue to make this list year after year. The Civic is a bit sportier than the Accord, though it also comes in a ton of different versions, including- once again- a hybrid.

3- Toyota Camry

The Camry offers all of the same great advantages that both the Accord and Civic do, just in a slightly different package. The Toyota name- and the Camry in particular- is known for its reliability, which again proves why so many people continue to buy these cars in such high numbers. While the Camry doesn't come in as many varieties as the other cars on the list do, it still holds its own with the basic versions.

2- Chevy Silverado

The number two spot leaves the sedans behind in favor of something a little bigger. The Chevy Silverado is GM's flagship vehicle, as it sells about two and a half million units every year. The Silverado is obviously one of the most popular trucks in America, and for good reason. The truck comes in many different varieties, so the Silverado truly has something for everyone.

1- Ford F-150

The Silverado takes second place only when compared with the Ford F-150. One of the most reliable trucks in the US, the F-150 features a classic look, a great engine, and plenty of awesome features that Americans can't help but love. Coming in plenty of different versions, the Ford F-Series is certainly a cultural icon, and will continue to be well into the future.

So there you have it, the five top-selling used vehicles in America. Each one of them is truly an incredible piece of machinery that has withstood the test of time and proven its worth as a safe, reliable ride that almost everybody loves. If you are considering looking up used cars for sale, these are the models that will definitely endure the test of time.