If you are at all familiar with horror movies you'll be sure to know about the best in class villains of slasher films.   They in some cases may hold a special part of your psyche where you are haunted by their memories and their stories.    Here is some information about each of them.   

Freddy Krueger(90002)Credit: New Line Cinema

Freddy Krueger:   The bastard son of 100 maniacs, Frederick Charles Krueger was born to Amanda Krueger in 1938 as a result of rape.   After a horrible upbringing, Freddy eventually became a child killer and was wanted for a string of killings in Springwood. Due to a technicality, all charges were dropped and he was set free.   Some parents living on Elm Street took the law into their own hands and burned him to death.  Since this incident, Freddy takes out his revenge by terrorizing  their children in their dreams.

Weapon of choice:      Bladed Glove

Signature item:           Red & Green Sweater

Weaknesses:                Fire, Not fearing him



Jason in action

Jason Voorhees:  Jason was born to Pamela Voorhees on Friday the 13th.  Born mentally challenged and with physical deformities, Jason is the main villain in the Friday The 13th Franchise.   He allegedly drowned at a young age while at Camp Crystal Lake and nobody tried to save him.   Pamela who worked at the camp as a cook avenged his drowning by killing anyone staying at the camp until she was later killed.   Having witnessed his mother's death, Jason took over his mother's legacy and became a killing machine.   

Weapon of choice:       Machete

Signature item:            Hockey Mask

Weaknesses:                 The Memory of his Mother


PinheadCredit: New World PicturesPinhead:   Born Elliot Spencer, a british world war veteran who became bored with the real world found himself intrigued by the alure of the lament configuration (puzzle box).  After opening it, he was sent to hell, subjected to intense pain, had a grid of cuts put into his head which were filled with nails.   He is the leader of the Cenobites and follower of the hell god, Leviathan.  

Weapon of choice:       Hooked Chains

Signature item:             Pins in Head

Weaknesses:                  Memory of Human Existence




  Michael Myers(92386)Michael Myers:   At the age of 6, Michael killed his sister on Halloween night.     He was then sent to a sanitarium under the care of Dr. Loomis.     Dr. Loomis observed that Michael Myers had no humanity left and was simply pure evil.   He believed he would need to be institutionalized in a secure facility for the rest of his life.   At the age of 21, Michael escaped and goes back to his hometown, Haddonfield, Illinois.   His main motivation is to kill anyone in his bloodline.   He will kill anyone who gets in his way of doing so.  

Weapon of choice:      Kitchen Knife

Signature item:           William Shatner's Mask

Weaknesses:                Bullets & Fire


Leatherface(90068)Leatherface:  Also known as Bubba Sawyer, Leatherface is a mentally retarded and seriously disturbed man.   Although seen as a menacing figure he is actually described as being timid and even a big baby.   He is under total control by his cannibalistic family and does their bidding.   This includes hunting down victims, butchering them, so they can be processed for barbecue and chili and sold at the family's restaurant/gas station.     He also goes by the name Junior.   He is never shown without his mask on.

Weapon of choice:      Chainsaw

Signature item:           Human face mask

Weaknesses:                Opposite Sex




Hope you enjoyed this...   Let me know your favorite horror villain...