Nothing is better than buying your first iPhone.

When I got mine, I had some extra money and I wanted to get a new phone. It just so happened that I was feeling lucky that say and decided to buy an iPhone 4.

So I went to Verizon and bought my first one. The only problem was, I had never bought an iPhone before and did not know what to buy with it. I really was an iPhone newbie.

The woman got an iPhone for me from the back and brought it to the desk. When she took it out, she said, “What accessories do you want to go with it?” I had no idea. She then gave me information on which items she thought was best.  

1. Halo Screen Protector - The halo screen protector is a clear film that goes over the top of the phone. Since the phone is touch screen and it is glass, it can get scratched. This screen helps keep the display from being scratched.

    2. Rechargeable Portable External Battery Pack - I cannot say enough about this product. If the iPhones have a down side, it would be that you cannot change out the batteries by yourself. They usually have to be sent to Apple. But with a rechargeable battery, you don't have to worry about it anymore.

    3. Car Charger For Apple iPhone 4S- Because I travel a lot, I use my car charger more than anything else. Because it has a stretchy cord, I can charge the phone and still talk on it. This makes driving and charging super useful. And, with the fact that the charger is portable, you can take it to any place you go.


    4. Otterbox Universal Defender Case For iPhone 4S - This is my favorite case. It is thick enough to protect it if it fell and it protects it against scratches. This is very useful especially if you carry your phone around in your pocket. If you don't have a cover than it scratches easily.

    5. Wicked Metal Jacket - This case is just plain cool. I love the way it looks and it is made out of alloy case. The design is unique and you can't find these around very much.


    I hope that you find these iPhone 4S accessories useful. For me, I own all of them and I use them everyday. I do switch out the cases as well. It may seem strange, but I am not ashamed to admit it.