If you are looking for ideas for Christmas baskets, then check out these top 5 ideas that are sure to please even the hardest toIdeas for Christmas BasketsCredit: morguefile.com buy for.

Themed Food Baskets - Christmas baskets are fun and a great way to give a gift that is not only fun to create but fun to watch them open.

If you have someone on your list that can be hard to buy for, then think of some of their likes when it comes to foods.  Food gifts are a great idea, especially for someone who has everything, and really doesn't want yet another trinket to sit on a shelf.  In this case something edible will always be appreciated.

If you know them well, then you are likely to know their favourite foods, such as Italian for example.  If you don't know, see if you can get some hints from other friends or family members.  Then it is time to go shopping.

Set yourself a budget then purchase food items in that theme.  Even with a small budget you can usually find something in the grocery store.  Then present it in a nice bowl wrapped in a tea towel or a colandar for example.  Make the basket part of the gift.

If your budget is tight, the dollar store can be your best friend when it comes to containers, glass vases and especially tea towels, which make a great wrapping instead of paper wrap.  Make the entire gift usable.

Knitting Christmas Gift Basket - If there is a knitter on your list, then consider getting them some supplies for their hobby.  If you know them well and what they Ideas for Christmas Baskets - Knittinglike to knit, you could find them patterns and wool to create that pattern and use a knitting bag for the container or a cute tote bag (which can be purchased at the dollar store).

If your budget is tight, and you can't quite swing all that wool, then consider finding free patterns on the internet and printing them off and then creating a binder full of these knitting patterns.  Place it in a tote bag (from the dollar store) along with a DVD of an old movie or something you think they would like to watch while they are knitting.

You don't have to spend much to come up with ideas for Christmas baskets.  They don't even have to be "baskets".  Try and find a useful container, it can be as simple as a bowl wrapped with a tea towel to a personalized tote bag.  It is still fun to watch them open, and less wasteful. 

Try and think about their hobbies.  The knitting idea is a popular one, but if you know they like to crochet, or needlepoint or anything else, then build the gift around that hobby.

Indoor Gardener Gift Basket - This can be fun to create for the avid gardener forced inside by the winter months.  You can head to the dollar store and find a nice indoor pot.  You can then use this pot as the container and fill it with things you think they would like doing for indoor gardening. 

It could be a small package of potting soil, some cute little decorations, or one of those self watering glass balls that you see on the market now.  Rather than purchasing a plant, you could give them a gift certificate for a plant store in with this pot. 

You could then wrap it up in a "gardening apron" or something similar.  This can be really fun to create.  If your budget is tight, you could get a small container or pot from the dollar store and fill it with seed packets and a small package of soil and drainage stones and wrap it up in a cute tea towel (remember usable containers work well).

Wine Gift Basket - If you know they love wine, then you can come up with a gift basket for all different budgets.  One great container of course is the wine cooler, or you could use a large indoor plant pot and fill it with bottles of wine and then wrap wiIdeas For Christmas Baskets - WineCredit: morguefile.comth a beautiful table cloth.  This makes a great couple's gift.  You can add cheeses and crackers to this gift as well depending on your budget.

If the budget is tight, then consider one affordable bottle of wine in a cloth tote bag (check the dollar store) along with a box of crackers and some small packages of cheese.  This would be a welcome gift no matter what the budget.

Tea Gift Basket - This is a fun one to create.  You could hit the antique stores or garage sales and even the thrift stores to find a really unique tea pot.  Then wash it well and dry it well, and fill it with different teas, either loose tea or tea bags.  Use the tea pot as the basket.  You could also add small packages of biscuits or cookies.

This works well for a tight budget, as most of the effort is in the hunting ideas for Christmas Baskets - TeaCredit: morguefile.comfor a unique tea pot.  You will see many at garage sales, thrift stores, second hand store and many reuse it stores.  If you know they love tea and a nice tea pot then adding a small box of tea bags and some small packages of cookies makes this an affordable gift idea.

Coming up with ideas for Christmas baskets instead of a single gift, can be fun.  There is no wasted wrapping paper as you will create a totally usable gift.  Make the container part of the gift.  You can find containers for cheap at the dollar store, or depending on your budget you could get something more glamorous. 

This is the beauty behind the gift basket.  Creating a theme you know they will love.  Whether it is food, a hobby, or something for the house or home.  Make a list of their likes and hobbies and then create a budget and then brainstorm ideas that will work within your budget and for that particular theme.