Love Stories That Touched My Heart

Some people dismiss romantic novels as pure trash and some people consider them their guilty pleasure.  However, there are romantic novels that please me heart and emotion and let me learn a few things not just about love but life in general.  Here are my favorite romance novels and the lessons I learned from them.  (Word of caution, this list does not include classic romance novels in order to be more interesting to you, the reader.)

Romance NovelsCredit: photo credit: Millzero Photography via photo pin cc"The Bridges of Madison County" – Robert James Waller

This is a very daring romance novel.  It dissects an illicit affair between two mature people. This novel opened my eyes to the idea that a deep loving connecting with another person can strike at any time in life.

"Love Story" - Erich Segal

This is a classic tale of the usual “you and me against the world.”  It is popular because of the classic line “love means never having to say you’re sorry.”  What I learned from this novel is that when you truly love someone, you can defy the odds. One part of the story line does concern me though... did the boy really love the girl or was it more a feeling of pity since the girl was suffering from cancer?

"Navy Baby" – Debbie Macomber

This is a novel about redemption.  It tells the story of a woman who had a one night stand with a stranger because she was lonely and her boyfriend of many years had died.  She got pregnant and the stranger married her because her father insisted.  They lived together and as the days romance novels(109419)Credit: photo credit: jonrawlinson via photo pin ccprogressed, both the woman and the man realized that they love each other. This novel reminded me that each one of us has the right to redeem ourselves from our mistakes.

"The Notebook" – Nicholas Sparks

When my mother was in a coma for two months, my father never left her bedside until the day she died. When I think of this novel, I always think about my mom and dad and it makes me believe that there is really “love till death do us part.” This novel completely dismisses the idea that men are not romantic.  

"The Promise" – Danielle Steele

In this novel, the mother of the lead male character had the face of his girlfriend altered so that her son won’t recognize her anymore. However, the heart knows what the eyes cannot see.  After the surgery, the male and female lead characters had crossed paths again.  They felt the same way for each other despite the fact that the man didn't recognize her as the woman he once loved. The lesson I learned from this novel is that no one can take away our love for somebody, not even plastic surgery.

With those lessons learned, who says that romance novels are trashy?  Here’s what you need to remember, great novels became great novels because of the human emotions described and detailed in such books.  If a book touches you deeply for whatever reason it doesn't matter what anyone else has to say about it.