Indoor Water Parks - Fun For the Whole Family.

If you've never had the opportunity to visit a indoor water park, you're really missing out. This is a super way to spend a rainy day or a boring weekend at home. Just about all of these parks are conjoined with hotels, which sweetens the visit. You can get a real great rate when you combine a day ticket at the park with a hotel room stay.

The...Top 5 Indoor Water Parks in America...Are.

Wilderness Territory Waterpark Resort

>>> Wilderness Territory Waterpark Resort...Disregarding how cold and rainy it gets outdoors, you will always receive temperatures in the 80s in these indoor water resorts, where you'll be able to do everything from surfboarding 35-mph waves to floating down a calm river.

4 Defined parks comprise Wilderness Territory Waterpark Resort in Wisconsin Dells. This Hugh 600-acre resort hotel stays a lovely 88 degrees no matter what the outside temperature is doing. It could take numerous visits to go through all of the rides here, but the park's pride and joy is the Hurricane...

A family oriented raft ride that falls 58 feet then twirls into a funnel that copies a hurricane in adequate detail [lightning and haze machine alert!] to be as mystic as it is fun. It's located at 511 E. Adams St., Wisconsin Dells, Wis., Phone Number 800-867-9453. Park access for resort guests exclusively...Doubles starting from $99. Short drive from Madison, Wis. [55 miles].

Splash Lagoon>>>> Splash Lagoon...The 1st indoor water park in the United States. Opened in 1989, and 13 years later Pennsylvania ultimately grabbed onto the movement with Splash Lagoon in Erie, Pa. It may have taken a long time, but as this park demonstrates...Some things are definitely worth waiting for. The park draws in approximately 400,000 yearly visitants and sports a 30,000-square-foot wave pool.

8091 Peach St., Erie, Penn., 866-377-5274. Daytime passes from $35...Rooms at varied hotels throughout the area starting at $119 [includes water park passes]. A short drive from Cleveland [102 miles], From Buffalo [96 miles], Pittsburgh [128 miles].

Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark>>>> Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark...Located in Michigan's north west region, Boyne is best better as a ski escape. But the region is as well home to the 88,000-square-foot Avalanche Bay, where many cold and tired skiers frequently unthaw in the 84-degree warm summer like temperatures. The park is also home to Michigan's solely surf simulator, the Rip Zone, where patrons can try their hand at either stand-up surfboarding or boogie-woogie boarding.

1 Boyne Mountain Rd., Boyne Falls, Mich., 800-462-6963. Tickets starting from $19...Double rooms at Boyne Mountain resort hotel from $181 per night [includes water park passes and free arcade tokens]. A short drive from Traverse City , Mich. [58 miles], Grand Rapids [169 miles].

Kalahari Resort>>>> Kalahari Resort...The African-themed Kalahari Desert in Sandusky, Ohio, is an grand 173,000 square feet [it's the biggest water park below one roof in the United States.] and boasts a full range of exhilarating rides, from the 55-foot-tall Cheetah Race waterslide to the rapid, 400-foot-long goggling rhinoceros tubing ride.

7000 Kalahari Dr., Sandusky, Ohio, 877-525-2427. Daytime passes starting at $39...Rooms starting at $159 [which includes water park passes and sleeping for 4]. Short drive from Toledo (60 miles), Cleveland (62 miles).

Schlitterbahn Galveston>>>> Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Indoor Waterpark...Schlitterbahn, a completely family operated and owned with 4 seperate parks located in the Midwest, made-up the lazy river. The conception is so popular that it's at present much a requisite at any water park. Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Indoor Waterpark in Galveston, Texas, is the company's cutting-edge frontier settlement. It boasts a Torrent River, a river that's just about a quarter-mile long.

2026 Lockheed St., Galveston, Tex., 409-770-9283. Day passes starting from $28. Only a short drive from Houston [50 miles], Austin [215 miles].

Call ahead for current prices...And have fun!