All of us are impatiently waiting to know which are the most fascinating interior design trends for the current year. Even though in the latest years we ran across many interesting home projects, we are always expecting something more. Below are shared the top 10 design trends for this year, but will they meet your expectations, it's up to you. Feel free to express your opinion in the comment box below and enjoy the gorgeous looks by all of them.

Man Interior Design

"The Man" Interior Design

This trend is in a result of the equality between men and women these days. It's proven that men also spend a lot of time at home than previous years – they are helping out with the housework and with the children care, which of course gives preference to the male oriented home design. This tendency mirrors in more functional furniture with less colours, more details and helpful features. It's an aesthetic view with a great balance between both of the partners living in the house.

Group Interior

The Interior of Group Tastes

This is a design project made by a team of interior designers. Each of them will manage to create something different from the others – one is responsible for the planning, other for the lighting in the rooms, third for flooring, etc. Thus, the process is speed up and the project may have infinite possibilities.

African Interior Design

Interior Design with African Influences

African trends have become more and more popular in the last few years. It's very modern to have a unique dynamic and exotic at the same time interior design. African trends are preferred by many because of their warm colours, animal imitations and fashionable textures. There is plenty of possibilities for accessories between you can choose such as unique shaped wooden furniture, African carved and decorated elements, many sculptures and handmade stylish decorations.

Floral Patterns

Floral Patterns on White Backgrounds

Sometimes, the new trends are well forgotten past ones. In other words, floral patterns are back in style! What's new here is that they are twisted with white backgrounds. This trend ensures a very romantic touch in your room and gives the feeling of a stylish addition. You can feel free to experiment with different colours, fabric covers, arts and paintings as long as the result is pretty and appealing.

Wall writing

Sketching and Writing on the Walls

It's a really great collaboration between graphic artists and interior designers for creating an original and unique style. For the ones of you who love to experience different imprints and have always wanted to live in an elegant home with messages of their favourite quotes and letters all over their place! Enjoy the various adorable examples and bring the spirit of freshness and creativity to your home!