So you are an animal lover, are you?

It is so easy if that is the case to think that you would love to work with animals. Remember though that such jobs can be hard work. If you are sure though that such a job will be ideal for you, here are a few suggestions.


You may not need to undergo the intensive training, that a Consultant Cardiologist needs to do, but you will still need a good education. This will no doubt be to degree standard, with on the job training to follow. Once you have qualified you may want to specialise as a veterinary surgeon, a farm animal vet or the like.

Veterinary ancillary worker.

If you do not have a good educational standard, you may want to aim a little lower. Most veterinary surgeries have receptionist, vet's assistants, kennel maids, nurses and more. These all will offer some hands on work with the animals and may be right up your street.

RSPCA Inspector

The RSPCA, royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals in the UK, is a good profession. You will often be dealing with animals in distress or those that have been mistreated. This job is not for the faint hearted but will be very satisfying. The RSPAC operates around the world but under a different name. This name is usually specific to the particular country.

Kennel Maid

If you love dogs, maybe the job of a kennel maid would suit you well. There are kennel men also and this job involves taking care of animals whose owners are away on holiday. It will involve cleaning out the animal's cage, feeding and watering the animal, exercising and more. Although such animals are not in a rescue, situation they may be scared and sad as they are away from home. This means that they will need to be treat with care and kindness as well as a firm hand.

Fund raiser.

Animal cruelty and abandonment is on the increase. As such, there is more need than ever before to have a good support structure. With current financial restraints, many animal charities are in dire need of help. Fund raising can be such a worthy job.

If you are in a suitable position to do more, how about setting up your own animal rescue service? Many animal charities have started small and grown to offering valuable animal rescue for many creatures. This would need research, in order to make sure that you know your legal obligations and responsibilities.


There are many opportunities to work with animals that could be suitable for you. Once you start to research the subject, you will find many opportunities. Helping train PAT dogs and Guide dogs, working at a cattery, dog walking, working at a dog groomers, jobs in local zoos and many, many more. Make sure that you have considered the downsides though, as well as the positives.

You may have to help euthanize someone's beloved pet, or comfort the owners at such a time. Cleaning up after animals can be never ending, and smelly, are you sure that you can do this? Consider the pros and cons and you will no doubt find the right job working with animals, for YOU.