Years come and go leaving behind a trail of ultra modern objects from a wide range of electronic gadgets to fashion and to cars. Competition within the car industry has been set a notch higher with regards to the development of future cars. There is no doubt in 2014 and 2015 we will be awed by the breathtaking cars that are currently being developed. Luxurious cars are the in thing and will always retain their exquisite position in the automobile industry. So what are some of the brands that will catch our attention in the coming years? The top high end cars that will fill the hearts of enthusiastic with utter joy include:

Audi Q7

This exquisite Audi Q7 will replace the current Q7 that was released in 2005 and of which has been produced solely for 7 good years. Change is expected with the new luxurious car gracing the roads after a launch in the summer of 2015 where it will be released as a 2015 model. This fresh renovation of the present model will be weighing 800 pounds less and is likely to come with an option of a hybrid power train.

Land Rover - Range Rover Sport

The new rage in the auto industry is the Range River Sport that will be released this summer as a 2014 model. The Range Rover lovers are sure to go crazy with the incredible features this posh car has such as its high performance base engine which is a 340-hp supercharged V-6. This supercharged car cannot be compared to any other sports car.


This future car is expected to be proudly displayed this September at the Franfurt Auto Show. The BMX X5 is a 3rd generation series of the BMWs comes with unique capacities such as the choice of a rear wheel drive X5 with a turbocharged diesel engine and great interior selection. Despite the fact that it will be launched in a luxury car market that will have fierce competition, this car is likely to lure clients easily from other choices


This is a fresh and bigger model of the BMWs series. This larger than life Sports activity car is expected to be in the market in 2014. It will have the common features of its brand such as the trim levels, the m-sport package and fine engine options though it’s likely that it will possess new capabilities that are top notch.

Audi Q8

Plans to create a superb Audi model that will be on top of the Audi Q7 have been debated for years but it’s now going to become a reality. This will be a sportier version of the Audi Q7 and will hit the market in 2015. With a unique coupe-based design, the range topper Audi Q8 will with no doubt be the icing of the Audi SUV.