Luxury Canadian Hotels

Luxury Hotel Beds

Luxury Hotels are far and few between in some Canadian cities. Thankfully, we have some decent knowledge of which ones are the best here in Canada. From East to West, we've found that the majority of these Luxury Canadian Hotels are mostly located on the coasts - the reason for that is because of the breathtaking waterfront views, and the populations are much larger, making for a better city experience. From Victoria to Vancouver, all the way to Toronto and Nova Scotia, here are the top 5 Luxury Canadian hotels.

Whether you're looking for gourmet meals in the fanciest restaurants, or a high thread-count on your Egyptian silk sheets, there's no possible way you can beat staying a night in an amazing hotel. Got relatives in town? Screw it, treat yourself right!

You won't catch any A-list celebrities staying in a Travelodge. Only the rich and famous regularly stay in these luxury hotels. (Ps - not a ton of celebrities come to Canada, but when they do it's always Vancouver or Toronto)

Let's get started:

On the west coast, in Victoria BC, Canada -

The Hotel Grand Pacific


This Luxury Victoria Hotel will blow you away with a breathtaking view of the city by the water. Located in the heart of Victoria's Inner Harbour, you'll be able to view the most beautiful garden city in Canada.

Getting a room in this hotel includes a "Pillow Menu" for those of you that need the perfect pillow to sleep on.


The Hotel Grand Pacific will cost you from $139-$400 (Depending on the season, and promotional considerations)

Let's take a quick trip to Alberta, Canada

The Sutton Place Hotel


Calgary Alberta is home to the Calgary Stampede, and a ton of crazy cowboy antics. It's like Canada's Texas. However, there are still some amazing hotels here, but most amazing is the Sutton Place Hotel.

You'll get a room with a view of the city, and five-star service. This hotel features a "Chocoholic buffet", the city's only Chocolate Buffet. And it only costs $16 per person, and includes a drink.

chocoholic buffet1

Yeesh, that's a lot of chocolate.

This hotel will run you about $139-$250 per night.

Now for Toronto:

The InterContinental Hotel

intercontinental toronto

Located in the heart of Toronto, the InterContinental hotel speaks the language of Luxury. With 4 types of rooms available, you can get what you need to relax in the perfect atmosphere. With tons of features, you can't go wrong if you're looking for a Luxury Hotel in Toronto. Fully loaded board rooms and meeting rooms, for you workaholics out there.

This hotel could run you about $175-$550 a night! (Toronto IS an expensive city)

Now, to Montreal!

The Hotel de la Montagne


The self-proclaimed "most famous hotel in Montreal" is perfect in its luxury.

With 5 types of rooms, you're bound to find something you want to sink into. The Hotel de la Montagne is probably best known for it's entertainment and night life. With restaurants and even a Club surrounding it, you can't go wrong if you like to party. Th' Club is always packed with fun-loving partiers, and saving money on a cab is an even better excuse to spend a night in this hotel. Th' Club was also voted "best place to meet someone of the opposite sex" four years in a row! This might appeal to you single folks out there!

th'club montreal

The Hotel de la Montagne will cost around $178 and up, per night.

Last but not least, Ottawa!

Lord Elgin Hotel

Lord Elgin Hotel Ottawa

I don't know who Lord Elgin was, or what he did, but I'm sure he was a stand-up guy. He must have been, to have this fantastic hotel in his name. This place is great, offering free highspeed wifi in all rooms, and many other ammenities. Close to the city, and close to nature. Explore some fascinating sites and then kick back and have a nap in the comfy beds.

The Lord Elgin hotel will cost around $179 and up per night. Not bad, considering you're right in the heart of the city!