The Man-Eating Creatures of the World

A Bit About the History of Man-Eaters of the Animal Kingdom

    Throughout history there have been many man eating animals. Due to some animals propensity to consume the flesh of humans that were alive before they were attacked, these animals have since become extinct. Back then and in some countries the indiscriminate killing of all individuals of the same species were and are killed even if they were not the original culprit. There was no innocent until proven guilty, for all were guilty of the same crime, killing a human so that they themselves might survive.

    Humans kill animals to eat, animals kill other animals, including humans to eat. Everyone needs to eat in order to survive, but humans will kill any animal that kills one of their own. Not all animals will do the same, like deer. It depends on what animal and whether they want to take flight or fight.

    It is unfortunate that over time the world has lost so many interesting creatures, because they were all charged with the same crime of perhaps one individual within their species. Maybe even just a handful, but that never meant that they all took a human life. Not every individual of a particular species is a man-eater. Well there might be some species where that could be true.

    While today there are in some parts of the world, laws that prohibit the killing of endangered species, there are circumstances where certain individuals wind up on a hit list. That's because they did kill or try to kill a human and because they've already done so, it is believed they will do so again and thus must be given the death penalty. Unfortunately for animals, they cannot do the same to humans who eat them or their offspring, but that is just the circle of life. Everyone has to eat and its not always fair, but even plants breath and have feelings as some scientists have discovered some time ago.

    The Man-Eaters of the animal kingdom are usually carnivores, in fact, they're always carnivores.

The Top 5 Man-Eaters of the Animal Kingdom

  •     CrocodilesCredit: Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK on wikimedia commonsCrocodiles are another top contender among man-eaters of the animal kingdom. Where crocodiles are native, particularly Saltwater and Nile Crocodiles many attacks on humans occur. It is believed that the Saltwater and Nile Crocodiles may be responsible for a far higher human death-toll and injury than any other man-eater. It is believed too that because of the Nile Crocodiles proximity to humans are most likely responsible for the highest percentage of human deaths and attacks on humans. Particularly of humans living in poverty or without infrastructure. Where there's no infrastructure and plenty of poverty its difficult to get the funds that would enable the people more safety options.

  •  Lion, one of the man-eaters of the worldCredit: Robek on Wikimedia commons   Lions can be man-eaters and are much more bold and aggressive than Tigers to date their average human prey toll also includes attacks which may not result in death. That toll is per year around 550-700. They like to attack at night instead of in broad daylight as Tigers do. There are reported cases in areas such as Lindi where it has been said that lions will even seize people from the center of a substantial village. They don't care if they're being watched, to them meat is meat and human is just as good as zebra, especially if its easier to take down. The most famous of man-eating lions are the Tsavo man-eaters and the Mfuwe man-eater. A large pride might not attack humans, but a small one of around three or so might. Its usually a lone lion that needs to find an easier target in order to survive, especially if their health isn't all that good.

  • Royal Bengal TigerCredit: ßlåçk Pærl on wikimedia commons     Royal Bengal Tigers are among the man-eating animals of the world. Their human prey count is about 50-250 fifty a year in the area they live, the Sundarbans. It is said that they are the only man eating tigers left in the world, but there are other tigers. Tigers which even live close to humans as they do, but they're not man-eaters like the Royal Bengal Tigers. The most notable man-eating tiger would have to be the Champawat Tiger. The Champawat Tiger was a female Bengal tiger who had been responsible for at least 436 deaths, all of which were documented. Her rein of terror came when she was shot by Jim Corbett in 1907. One can find out more about the Champawat Tiger in Jim Corbett's book Maneater's of Kumaon which was published in 1944.

  • LeopardCredit: Marie-Lan Nguyen on wikimedia commons     Leopards are another man-eater, but they're more difficult to hunt down than tigers or lions. They usually attack at night and are strong enough to break down doors as well as thatched roofs so that they can get to their human target. They are deadly as are lions and tigers, because of their weight and the strength of their jowls. Leopards hunt alone, while lions will hunt together.

  •     WolfCredit: work of a National Park Service employee found on wikimedia commonsWolves are another man-eater, but they are not as prolific other than in media of eating humans as the crocodiles, lions, tigers and leopards are. Such cases are few and far between. Even when the rare occasion that a wolf eats a human occurs, its usually a child that winds up being the victim. Oft times this is a result of habituation, if its not to do with ill health or starvation. Even humans might resort to cannibalism if stuck somewhere, where the only source of food is the other human standing next to them. Starvation as can drive a human to such madness in order that they might survive. The same is true of wolves and all other animals. As long as wolves have a respectful fear of humans, save for the unhealthy ones or the ones close to death because of starvation, they'll usually leave humans well enough alone.

Which Man-Eaters are the most Prevalent

    Crocodiles, lions, tigers, leopards and wolves are the major man-eaters of the animal kingdom. Crocodiles will easily prey on humans where as lions, tigers, leopards and wolves usually have a reason. Mostly any individuals within the lion, tiger, leopard or wolf family would have to be ill, injured or starving before they'd attack a human. Although Jim Corbett noted that leopards might start eating humans after gnawing on corpses that were neither fully cremated or buried. Once an animal gets a taste of human flesh and blood in a large enough quantity, they'll want more of it, especially if they find the human to be an easy target. That does not however mean that all individuals of the species would do the same. There's more to these potential man-eaters than man-eating. The whole species doesn't turn into man-eaters, but only some individuals. Just like not every human or every individual with in the same family is a murderer.

    The top 5 man-eaters are beautiful creatures, albeit their potential for turning into man-eating animals. One really should learn more about all man-eating animals before they judge the whole of a species on just a few of its individuals.