How to Avoid Manila Taxi Driver's Scamming Techniques

Top 5 Manila Taxi Driver Scamming Techniques

Metro Manila is a very good place to go. Great sights, hospitable people, heartwarming smiles, good food and great nightlife. Going around town is not a problem since there are many cabs around! But beware, some cab drivers are wolves in sheep's clothing. Some are honest but some are scammers. Listed here are some of the most common scamming techniques they use. Read on to learn more.

Why do they scam us after all?

Let me explain first how they are getting paid. First of all, they work on shifts! 12 hours and 24 hours shift. They get their cab parked in the operator's garage and bring it back on time. They get their money by boundary. This means that they have to produce a fixed amount of money called the "boundary." This is about 1,200 to 1,700 PHP. Give it to the operator after their shift and return the cab washed and filled with fuel. They must bring the cab on time or there will be a fine. The money they earn from driving, less the boundary and a full tank, is the amount that they earned during their shift. Let's put it in figures:

Average passenger fare: 120 PHP; Boundary is 1,200 PHP; Full tank cost is 1,000PHP plus; He has to drive an average of 27 passengers just for the boundary and the full tank. The problem is Filipinos want a cheaper way to commute. They prefer the train, busses, and jeepneys from cabs. Sometimes they go home empty handed. Some have debts to their operators.

No 5: Cab meter turned off or not working

taxi meter turned off

Always make sure that the meter is turned on. Never ride a cab in Manila without the meter running. It's against the law. If the driver negotiates a price, tell him that you want to go with the meter. If he insists, choose another car. Some driver will tell you to add 20-50PHP on top of your meter fare because of the traffic, etc. Again, choose another cab.

No 4: Always Lock the Doors

always lock the doors

Common sense, don't let anyone outside the taxi to get in. News reports that some crooks work with the driver so please be vigilant. Please tell the driver to lock the doors of the car before driving. If he says that the car don't have a central locking system, lock it yourself. It's better to be on the safe side.

No 3: The Trunk

backseat hiding

Here is one of the unusual scamming techniques cab drivers do. If it's possible to put your things in the cab, don't use the trunk. Some taxi drivers charge of the moment a passenger steps out of the car. Taking with him the precious luggage the passenger have in the trunk. There are many ways to avoid this. One simple way is to ask the driver's help in unloading your luggage and paying the fare after.

Another cab driver scamming technique is the hidden accomplice at the back seat or in the trunk. This accomplice will rob you! To avoid this, better check the back seat of the cab before entering it! The second thing to consider is to opt for a newer model cab.

No 2: The Sleeping Chem

car freshener

One of the modern cab scams these days are putting sleeping chemicals in the hanging air purifier above the AC. It will make you fall asleep rendering you unconscious. If you're unconscious, the driver can make a tour of Manila making your fare worth 200% more. Some will rob you. Some will molest you. To avoid this cab driver scam technique, always opt for a newer modeled car. Avoid taxi's with hanging air purifiers, and avoid drivers with towels on their shoulders.

No 1: The Tour of Manila


Sad to say, but drivers, honest or not, do this. They prey on the ignorance of their passengers. They make a 1 mile trip to 3 miles. Turning left, turning right, and turning to wherever they want. Making you pay more. One thing to avoid this is to plan your trip well! Check your GPS in your phones and maybe have a map ready in your phone! Let technology help you with this.

Again, Manila is a great place to visit or live. People are good and honest here, but again, it's better if we know the scammers tricks for our own safety and convenience. I hope this article helped you out.