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There are several things in this world that can really play into the social aspect of sex generalization.  While it may depend on what society or culture you are brought up in, here are the top 5 things that EVERY male on the planet should know how, and be able to do with efficiency.


 #5:  Keep True to Your Personality

 Being the person that you were meant to be in every scenario can be the most difficult thing anyone can do.  So many males seemingly conform to the surrounding of others while immediately turning off the person that they actually are.  This is especially true in social situations or in the presence of new or strange females.  Never be afraid or unwilling to openly express the person you actually are.  Do what it is that you want to do and stop conforming to the will of your peers.  Being your own man makes you ultimately who you are.  Changing your personality in the presence of others can ultimately lead to a social group full of people you probably don’t even like in the first place.


Despite saying that, I don’t care who you are, you better know how to do these next four things!





#4:  Change a tire


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   While this one may not be all too important, it may become an impressive necessity at one point in your life.  Whether you are humming along on a moped or livin paid in your Escalade, there is always a chance that you can come across a flat tire.  Sure, you may have roadside assistance that will come and save you in some scenarios, but sometimes it is just not the convenient option.  Especially if you are on a long road trip, stuck in traffic, or driving out in the middle of nowhere, it may take hours for service to arrive and provide you with assistance. 

Just imagine you are taking a girl out for the first time.  (I hope you aren’t driving her around on your moped, but if you can swing it, hey…..more power to you)  Imagine now that you come across a random flat tire due to an unforeseen object in the road.  You can either impress her by pressing the roadside assistance button and waiting patiently for what possibly could take hours…..OR, you could roll up your sleeves like a man, get out there, and change it yourself in half the time and without the wait.





#3: Defend and Protect your Female Counterpart in the Event That Scrutiny Should Arise

(Whether she be a friend or a significant other)


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This comes in all sorts of different ways, shapes, and forms.  There are countless survival strategies when dealing with the dangers that may come about on an almost daily basis.  The one I would like to emphasize most though, especially at a younger age, is the protection against hawking, disrespectful, and antagonizing males that may be disrespectful to your relation. 

Learn your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to this scenario.  Whether you are a world class body builder capable of intimidating the trolling menace with the very flex of your arms, the intellect with the outrageously witty and superior commentary, or somewhere between, find your niche when or if you’re female comes victim to scrutiny of any sort.

Always remember to keep a level head during any scenario.  Keep the objective and focus on the feelings of her.  This means avoiding confrontation and arguement at all costs.  Also remember that one option in her protection is avoiding some of the places that host to this type of scenario in the first place.






#2 Be able to self-provide

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    This may come as difficult to some people to take in, but I feel that it is a rather important quality of any man.  When I am saying provide, I am not talking about bringing home a bountiful paycheck or paying for a child’s college education, I am talking about some of the things a bit simpler.  A man should know how to provide some source of food or commodity in a completely self-attained and self-reliant manner.  Whether it be growing vegetables outside, hunting, fishing, or countless other actions and skills, every man should be able to produce something outside of the cash scheme. 

Don’t get me wrong, bringing home a fat paycheck and supplying your family with the financial security everyone desires may be the American logic of sufficiency, but there is just something about bringing resources to the theoretical table in a completely self-attained manner that screams, “I AM MAN!”



#1:  Be a gentleman


 Being a gentleman is something that every man needs to be capable of doing.  While this quality does not need to be a blanket effect spread over all encounters, there will always be someone out there that is worthy of gentlemanly action.  It is important to know how to treat a deserving person with the upmost respect and dignity,  even if you break out these qualities on rare occasion.  While this is yet another quality that can come into play on many different grounds, rude and ignorant behavior is for boys.  A man needs to have gentlemanly qualities in order to even consider himself a man in the first place. 

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