Minecraft beatlesCredit: minecraft animators

If you are on the internet at all you have heard of Minecraft. If you've been living under an internet rock read this article and check out what you've been missing. I will make an article describing minecraft after more updates come out but for now see what you can do in this great game.


5 Big Screen TV by rapidsuperclown

This is an awesome creation that uses redstone (Minecraft Circuitry) and colored wool to make a TV. This can be pretty simple in small scale but in this big of a project it is very difficult.

rapidsuperclown's TV

That was pretty good but there are better. Lets look at the next one which is a bit more complicated.

4 Dwarven City by Creolucis 

This one took tons of work. Its a huge city and the creator made it so the clouds look real as a cool effect as he has done in a few of his other videos.

Creolucis's Dwarf City

Now that was a bit impressive and definitely took more time but it could be better.

3 Kredik Shaw by lynchinc

Lets check out this next one which is a beast castle with a cool name. The great part about this castle is how the creator took the time to make an entrance to to the castle that wasn't just a simple walkway.


Kredik Shaw By lynchinc

That one and the last two are all castles but each one has its own theme and own personal touch.

2 Mages College of Meridia by BlockFortress

This one is very impressive because of all the extra detail above the building as well as the detail in the actual building.

That is one of the greatest buildings I have ever seen and I'm assuming it took super long. If you didn't find that impressive your mind will be blown with this next one.

Nuvole by Circleight

This next one is just an insane colorful castle that uses water, redstone and just an unbelievable amount of creativity. You can actually see this one if you have a minecraft account. Just use this server ip: zeuscraft.com

Nuvole Castle by Circleight

I hope you all liked this collection and I also hope that you will read my other articles for new minecraft content and gaming reviews and help.