2009 was a year to behold. It was full of surprises, drama, and a strange sense of nostalgia. Without a doubt, 2009 left a bleak decade with a huge bang. Here, are the top 5 moments of 2009.

5. Release of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers AND Announcement for Golden Sun Sequel

Since not all of us are gamers, I'll keep these both in one little announcement. 2009 was a HUGE year for veteran gamers at E3. First off, Crystal Bearers was released this year. Crystal Bearers for the Wii is a whole new take on the Final Fantasy franchise. It features a wide open world with the power to use Gravity to attack your opponents. The appeal doesn't come from the combat though; it's about how you kill your opponents and how you use your powers to save the world. I played this game personally, and found it quite entertaining to the point where I couldn't put it down. That's something I haven't said about a game in a LONG time.

Second off, Golden Sun DS was announced. For fans of the series, it's been a good long 6 years since the release of Golden Sun: The Lost Age which was the sequel.

4. Yankees Win 2009 World Series

As a resident of New York City, baseball is big. In fact, it's huge. When the Yankees won the World Series in 2009, the city cried out in joy. There was a parade held in celebration of the Yankees winning. Truly, at no other time was New York City more unified than with the win of the Yankees at the 2009 World Series.

3. WWE Brings Back Bret Hart, TNA Brings Back Hulk Hogan

Even if you're not a wrestling fanatic, you have to love the sheer irony of this. In an effort to quell the TNA bringing back Hulk Hogan, who was a huge star in his time and day, the WWE brought back Bret Hart. However, the WWE and Bret Hart don't have the best of relationships. In one of the most famous screwjobs in sports history, Bret Hart was forcibly removed from his championship position by the chairman of the WWE, who then locked himself in his office with other officials who were involved in the screwjob. For more info, click here.

2. Kanye West Interupts Taylor Swift

There's not much to say. This was the only video I could find that was to the point, because of all the fakes out there.

1. Barack Obama Inauguration

Many of you saw this coming, and maybe some of you didn't. However, the impact of this event worldwide cannot be denied. In a historical moment, Barack Obama was inaugurated as President of the United States of America. To think that a few hundred years ago, African Americans were picking cotton and doing forced labor really highlights the importance of this moment in time. On January 20th, 2009, President Barack Obama took office. In that moment, history was changed forever. The first black President of America had just been put in office.

For pictures of this event, click here.