Nothing spreads Christmas cheer like stuffing stockings with the hottest high-tech gadgets. For those who love to be on the cutting edge of electronics, communications equipment and mobile technology, this is a Christmas wish list you'll want to bookmark.

Blackberry's Mobile Presentation Station

Designed to release the power of your BlackBerry mobile handset and allow you to deliver stunning presentations wherever you go, this device pairs your smartphone to a projector or computer monitor so that you can directly stream your powerpoint files. You'll no longer have to cart around a laptop just to play your .PPT files and, at under a pound, the OEM Rim Blackberry Wireless Bluetooth Presenter Device is the ultimate portable business tool.

Pair your devices quickly via bluetooth connectivity and deliver stunning presentations. This device is perfect for anyone that regularly uses visual aids to drive home their point, sell products and services, or simply give reports on progress and growth. The BlackBerry mobile presentation station is a sure bet as a stock stuffer for your favorite technophile this Christmas 2011 season.

OEM Rim Blackberry Wireless Bluetooth Presenter Device for powerpoint on the go

For those that haven't yet made the leap into the world of smartphones, you can find special bundle deals that pair the bluetooth presenter device with a new blackberry phone, like the one pictured above. Considering that the presenter device alone runs about $130 online, and the bundles are only $160 on average, you would do well to consider opting for the full package if your recipient is in need of a new phone as well.

Sony Vaio 3D Laptop for Gaming and 3D Movies

3D technology is getting more portable and affordable every month. Enter the Sony 3D laptop as the latest example. Running around $1300, this powerful little unit is capable of generating full three dimensional displays and comes complete with a set of viewing glasses that will turn your favorite game, television show or movie into a fully engrossing 3D experience. At just over 7 pounds, this unit is perfect for travel, yet still boasts an impressive 16" display for unbelievable visuals.

Sony vaio 3D laptop with 3d glasses for gaming tv and movies

If you know someone that's been itching to get their mitts on a piece of 3D equipment but hasn't been able to shell out for a massive 3D plasma screen TV, consider the sony vaio 3d laptop. Being so light and compact, it's perfect for lone travelers that log a lot of miles on the road and spend plenty of nights in hotel rooms or on airplanes. Nothing helps pass the time better than your favorite feel-good movie rendered in perfect 3D. The sony vaio 3D laptop is one of the most exciting gadgets available for this 2011 Christmas season.

Amazon's New Kindle Fire Smart Tablet PC

The latest entry into the emerging market of tablet PC's is Amazon's proprietary "Fire", which is carefully priced to undercut Apple's more expensive iPad family of products. The Fire is a full color 7 inch tablet that is designed for light computing tasks like web browsing, checking e-mail, reading rich media and e-books and running selected apps. While not as beefy or powerful as some of the more expensive tablet gadgets this Christmas 2011, the kindle Fire is compact, capable and affordable for users that don't want to do much more than basic mobile tasks. Graphic designers, novel writers and architects will want to look elsewhere. However, as tablets go these days, the Amazon Fire offers a great mix of features and capability for an unbeatably low price.

amazon fire tablet PC for mobile web browsing christmas 2011

The Amazon Fire is more than capable of streaming videos as well, so you can count on smooth integration with Amazon's Prime service for downloading, renting and purchasing your favorite movies, TV shows and streaming them on its beautiful full color screen. If you want to go the extra mile this Christmas 2011 and give an unforgettable gift, you could opt to include a membership to Amazon prime, allowing your recipient unlimited access to over 100,000 movies and TV programs on their mobile device.

Garmin's Nuvi 1450LMT Portable GPS Unit

This Christmas 2011, you can give the high-tech gift of assurance on the road. The Garmin nuvi 1450 LMT portable GPS unit attaches neatly to your car's dashboard or windshield for easy access and viewing while still allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. As an added bonus, anyone who buys this nuvi GPS navigational unit will receive free maps and traffic updates for life, meaning the unit will always keep itself up to date with changing road conditions like construction, detours and blockages

1450 garmin nuvi portable gps navigator 5 inch display

If you have a friend or loved one that is prone to getting lost on the road, consider giving them the gift of assurance and sanity. This gps unit has a number of creature comforts built-in that will greatly enhance any trip, be it a short jaunt to the next town or a long cross-country road trip. Turn by turn voice-read instructions guide you step by step through even complex merges on large highways, thanks to Garmin's lane-assist technology (pictured above). An animated on-screen arrow will show you exactly where to go so that you never get confused again when driving an unfamiliar highway and trying to catch an important exit.

American Red Cross Self-Powered Radio / Flashlight

For the adventurous amongst you, the Eton American Red Cross self-powered safety radio and flashlight combo makes the perfect high tech gift for Christmas 2011. Whether you're hiking, climbing, camping or just generally tramping along, this safety radio will put your mind at ease with immediate access to the standard weather band channel for real-time updates on your location's weather. It also has a highly efficient 3 LED flashlight built in to help guide you in the dark and can be powered by means of an attached hand-crank or installed solar panel. Just leave the unit in direct sunlight and you're ready to turn on the radio or use the flashlight later.

Eton Red Cross Safety Radio and FLashlight self powered

You can give your favorite adventurer peace of mind this Christmas with a high-tech and affordable Self-Powered radio and flashlight combo. At only $29 online, this unit is a must-have for explorers.