Characters that everyone knows about

There are millions of video game characters out there in the world that nobody has even heard of, but there is a list of characters that even non video gamers know about due to their iconic status and popularity. When making this list yesterday I chose the characters that most of the people in the world would know even if they have never touched a video game before. It's not a popularity contest in the sense of who is the coolest character, but this is strictly my findings on who is the most famous and well known. With that being said I present to you....the winners!

1. Mario

MarioCredit: Wikipedia

It's probably going to be obvious where this article is going with a number one spot like this. It's actually difficult to find a person in the modern day world who doesn't know about Mario. He is the Italian plumber that saves the princess and defeats Bowser the koopa king. He has appeared in so many video game titles that I would get dizzy just thinking about it. He took off in popularity way back in the 1980s and since then has captured the hearts of both gamers and non-gamers all over the globe. The title of number one belongs to nobody else but Mario.

2. Link

LinkCredit: Wikipedia

Link is extremely famous from all of his appearances in the Legend of Zelda titles throughout the years. He is a warrior from the land of Hyrule and has made iconic status most notably after the N64 game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time released. The game was such a hit that it thrust Link into the spotlight and we will never forget him. Link is commonly misrepresented as Zelda, but Zelda is the princess and not Link so this misunderstanding still goes on today. In spite of that the name and image are drilled into people's hearts and minds. Link gets the number two spot.

3. Master Chief

Master ChiefCredit: Wikipedia

This character is a world famous icon and the only modern day character in this list. While the other 4 have been around since the early days of video games Master Chief has only been around for a decade. He is world famous because he is the protagonist and main character of the smash hit first person shooter series Halo. Halo is regarded as the main reason the Xbox took off, selling millions of consoles worldwide simply so people could play this series. Master Chief is what they call a Spartan, but that's just the term they use for a cybernetically enhanced super soldier capable of extremely deadly combat techniques and military genius. Master Chief will be known by many simply by the name and game alone, and has slammed his way into the number 3 spot.

4. Donkey Kong

Donkey KongCredit: Wikipedia

Donkey Kong was always an unusual name to most people, but he is a gorilla that appeared way back in the 80's with jump man (who is now known as Mario) and has been around in video games ever since that first appearance in arcades back in the day. He is well known and his image stands out as his facial features, appearance, and tie all are unique to his design. Many people don't know a lot of video game characters but nobody will forget the looks and name of Donkey Kong, giving him the ability to swing in for the number 4 spot on the list.

5. Sonic

SonicCredit: Wikipedia

Ahhhh Sonic the Hedgehog. He is a hugely popular iconic video game character for both his appearance (a blue hedgehog with great speed) and for his role as being a huge success for Sega. He is known for being able to roll up into a ball and speed through vast lands to defeat his nemesis Doctor Robotnik. Sonic is probably one of the most famous video game characters today and has given Sega over 80 million sold game copies to their credit. According to Wikipedia Sonic has made it into the Walk of Game (A play on hall of fame) with Mario and Link propelling him to the front of many characters around for years.[1]  Well done Sega on this hit video game character. His speed and looks, as well as his powerful presence in Sega sales has catapulted him forward into the number 5 spot.

Many more

There are tons of other popular video game characters such as Ryu, Kirby, Cloud Strife, Pac Man, Solid Snake, Lara Croft, Gordon Freeman. This list goes on for quite some time but if you were to ask a bunch of people who these characters are they would know the ones in this top 5 list over these characters. Still I have extreme respect for all who have fought for a spot on this list, but the top 5 are well deserved. This list could in some ways be considered slightly biased or opinionated but while that may be true the argument still stands that the characters in this top 5 list are world famous and cannot have their status refuted. That being said, we salute their fight for the top status and give them a round of applause.