5.  Chipotle – This Mexican restaurant might surprise many (a quick check of my local Chipotle on Yelp is being reviewed at 4 out of 5 stars), however, I have never once enjoyed this popular food chain.  As someone who is passionate for authentic Mexican food this place falls short.  Chipotle certainly is not terrible but definitely not as good as some have claimed.  First, the portion sizes are a lot smaller than I would have expected for the price.  Also, any great Mexican restaurant offers superb salsa.  While the tomatillo-red chili is decent, the milder fresh tomato and roasted-chili corn are terrible.  I rather have hot sauce from Jack in the Box.  One item I actually enjoyed was the burrito bowl with carnitas.  This is very good and will b the only thing I would go back for…this time I am bringing my own salsa.

4.  Taco Bell – if Chipotle surprised you, I would hope that this restaurant would not.  While I could tolerate a simple ground beef taco from time to time, I will stay away from mostly everything else on Taco Bell’s crappy menu.  I don’t remember the last time I went to an authentic Mexican restaurant and ordered an Enchirito, a Mexican pizza or a Volcano burrito.  The only thing I see going for Taco Bell is their value menu, which most other fast food chains now have.  The downside of the value menu is that after you will not be making a run for the border…but a run for the toilet.

3.  Wendy’s – While not everything is bad here (fries, Caesar salad, frostys), this place is definitely overrated in terms of burgers and sandwiches offered here.  The burgers are decent at best.  I only stick to ordering chicken sandwiches now which are good.  The #1 reason why this place is overrated? The chili.  The chili here taste like its been sitting for days (which it probably has).

2.  Burger King – I remember the days when it seemed Burger King would be more popular than McDonalds.  Now, it seems BK has faded into obscurity.  The Burger King down the street from my house never has more than two customers in the drive-thru.  I recently made two trips to BK.  The first was not bad.  I had a Whopper and I thought it was decent.  The next trip I took the family and not one of us were impressed.  I had the 770 calorie Steakhouse burger, which I had half of and threw it away.  Also, what happened to the fries? They use to be so good.  Very disappointed.  The restaurant itself was dirty and the employees were rude.  It will be a while before I go back.

1.  Arby’s – This fast food joint ranks as the worst of the worst.  What is good about this place? I don’t get it! Whoever marketed this place when it first opened is a genius.  There are nearly 3,600 Arby’s nationwide.  I recently tried a beef and cheddar sandwich.  The cheese was disgusting.  The meat was gross.  Some of the worst food I tasted ever!  Needless to say you will not find me “checking in” here on my Facebook page.

What do you think?