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Top 5 Most Ridiculous Vehicle Mods

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There's No Shortage Of Ways To Waste Money Customizing Your Car!

There's a growing number of people out there driving around with ridiculous vehicle modifications. Some would say that it's cool, while others wonder how on earth a person could justify spending real money on that crap. I tend to lean toward the latter.

I have put together this list of the top five most ridiculous vehicle modifications visually polluting our highways. My hope is that in doing so I can save others from spending their hard-earned cash on aftermarket accessories that do absolutely nothing for your car's performance.

riced out car

Here are the top 5 most ridiculous vehicle modifications ever:

5. Hood Pins

From what I can tell, people replace the stock hood latch on their cars with hold down pins for one of 2 reasons.

  • They think it looks cool
  • They actually believe that it will make their car go faster

Now, I can say with certainty that hood pins do nothing to make your mid-80's Honda Civic look cooler. So it must be that it's faster now right? Race cars use hood pins as hold downs because on an ultra light race car that will travel at 200mph, every pound really does matter. On your hatch back...not so much. You'd probably have more luck improving your performance by making sure that your tires are properly inflated or losing a few pounds.

4. Body Kit

Now, again we have an example of something that could potentially be useful on a car that's, you know....fast. But unfortunately for you, the fibreglass body kit that you bought for the same price as your car really does nothing more than lower your car's resale value. They're also incredibly easy to destroy on the lowest of parking curbs and I've yet to see one without any damage. Money well spent...

3. Aftermarket HID Lights

These are an absolute pleasure for oncoming traffic. Have you ever been on the highway at night and been blinded by an oncoming car with headlights or fog lights that are an unnatural shade of blue or white and seem twice as bright as they ought to be? Congratulations! Your retinas have just survived the eBay $50 aftermarket HID (high intensity diode) light kit! Most high end cars now come with HIDs but on a stock vehicle, they have a special headlight housing that directs them at the ground. When bolted on to an old car without the correct headlight housing, they shine that super bright light straight ahead and blind everybody in their path. As far as illegal vehicle modifications go, this one is about as irritating as they get.

2. Blacked-Out Tail Lights

I'm sure we have all seen these. People buy a can of translucent black spray paint and spray it over their tail lights. I can sympathize with what a dude may be thinking while doing this one however.

"Who cares if I get rear-ended because nobody can see my tail lights? I'd rather get rear-ended looking awesome than avoid an accident like a loser."

And he's absolutely right. It makes perfect sense to put other people in danger so that your car can look cooler. Glad we cleared that up.

1. The Wing

Few vehicle modifications stand out like the wing. Having a huge, aluminum wing on the back of your car screams a few different things about you.

"I have copious amounts of money to blow on frivolous trinkets"

"Don't be fooled by the rest of the car...this wing makes it fast!"

"I understand nothing about physics"

You see, a spoiler as it was originally intended, is meant for applying downward force to the drive wheels to help them keep traction at high speeds. This means a couple of things.

  • A rear spoiler on a front wheel drive is strictly aesthetic.
  • A rear spoiler on any street-legal car that doesn't do excessively high speeds is pointless.

I hope that when you go to buy that huge aluminum wing for the back of your car, you are now well-informed about where your money is going!

I don't think all car modifications are useless. Tinted windows are a good example of money well spent. I don't want my kid to be blinded by the sun so I have my windows tinted. Makes sense right? I am however, forever wondering how so many people seem to have thousands of dollars to dump in to vehicle modifications that do nothing more than improve their self-esteem.

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