Are you destined to spend that special day a long distance from your loved one?  Stuck out-of-state or overseas on a business trip?

How do you plan to bridge the divide and let your lady know you love her?  Here are the top 5 most romantic long distance ideas to help fan the flames of desire in your relationship.


5.         Write a love letter or send a personalized handmade card.

Love Letters(75584)Credit: By A. M. Simonetti via Wikimedia Commons

Even in this digital age of mass communication and social media networks, there is nothing quite like the feeling of opening a hand-addressed envelope and finding a letter from somebody you love.  Store-bought cards are good, if a little cheesy, but why not go the whole hog and make the card by hand?  Maybe you could compose a little poem on the inside, or copy down her favourite romantic verse.  How about decorating the card with photos of both you and her together?


4.         Serenade your lover on YouTube. 

While cards and letters are great,  actually seeing and hearing your lover can really bridge that long distance and put you right there beside her.  Does your wife have a favourite song?  What was the song that played as you shared your first dance on your wedding night?  You could use your webcam to record yourself singing that special tune and upload it to YouTube or another media-sharing site, then send your wife the link.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t play any musical instruments as there are karaoke versions of most songs available online. 


3.         Post her a love-note from 14 different countries.

Most people have a number of friends or contacts from other countries and stay in frequent touch with them through Facebook and other social networks.  Why not ask 14 friends to post a postcard to your wife from their hometown.  They wouldn’t have to write a love-note to her; the message could be something as simple as "Remember: John loves you".  If you manage to pull this off correctly and co-ordinate your friends' efforts, your wife could have the postman delivering a long distance love letter from a different corner of the globe every day for a week or more leading up to the special occasion.


2.         Share a long distance dinner for two on Skype.

How about organising an online dinner for two?  Both you and your wife could prepare the same food, set the table for a romantic dinner, candles and all the trimmings, then make a video call on Skype so that you can see each other and chat together as you share your special meal.  After dinner, you could both even curl up in bed with your laptop and watch a romantic movie.


1.         Say it with flowers.

A Long Distance BouquetCredit: By via Wikimedia Commons

If all else fails, the one surefire way to bridge the long distance between you is to jump on a plane and arrive on her doorstep with a bouquet of her favourite flowers in hand.  It may be a bank-busting present, but one that is absolutely guaranteed to bring a smile to your lover’s face.


In the end, what's most important...

Whatever you decide to do for your loved one on your special day, be sure to let her know that you love her just the same on every other day of the year too.