1. Guardians of Ga'Hoole

     The Guardians of Ga'Hoole is a movie based on a book series by Kathryn Lasky, with the same name published by Scholastic. The book series itself consists of a total of fifteen novels, of which the movie is based off of the first three novels in the series. These Guardians are Owls that guard Ga'Hoole, a beautiful land where owls find sanctuary and peace. That is until an evil avian decides he wants power himself and will do anything to get it, even if that means hurting, or killing others in the process.

     It's highly recommended to read the series first, before watching the movie - although watching the movie first and then reading might allow one to feel less disappointed over the movie. However no movie has ever been made that followed a book 100%. Despite this The Guardians of Ga'Hoole is still an enjoyable movie with action, adventure and cute owls - although not every owl is cute. Some of them can be downright foul.

     The book series would make a great gift for anyone, especially children and teenagers at anytime of the year and then once they've read them all, the movie which is based on the first three book of the fifteen book series would make a lovely addition to yours and theirs DVD collection.

The Guardians of Ga'Hoole Trailer

2. Zambezia

    Another fun movie with birds would have to be Zambezia. It's the tale of a falcon who dreams of seeing more of the world who winds up in rather a mess, but in the end he unites all birds against a common enemy in hopes of bringing peace back to Zambezia for all birds instead of leaving even one species of bird out of the loop. It's more than just birds vs. bird eating predators, but has friendship and a dash of romance thrown in.

     It's also about the relationship between a father and his son. It seems rather common in a lot of animated films that the realtionship is between a father and his son rather than a mother and her daughter or a father and his daughter. Still, it's a good movie to watch, although definitely not as good as The Guardians of Ga'Hoole, but at least for kids, if not also for parents its a fun and entertaining watch.

Trailer of Zambezia

3. Rio

     Yet another good movie that has a bird as its protagonist would have to be Rio. The movie Rio is an animated film about a blue macaw named Blu and his life which eventually leads him to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro which the title of the movie refers to. He's flown from the only home he's ever known to Rio where he meets a female blue macaw. Blu is apparently the last male of his species and Túlio Monteiro wants him for Jewel so that the species of blue macaw will not die out.

     There are however obstacles in the way, including a Sulphr-crested cockatoo named Nigel who plans on helping a group of smugglers led by Marcel smuggle them in order for Marcel to make a profit - an illegal endeavor.

     One big obstacle in trying to outwit the smugglers is that Blu doesn't know how to fly and if he doesn't learn how, all may be lost.

     While the plot may seem a bit dark, there are scenes in the movie that one can't help but laugh or at the very least, smile at.

     Blu, Jewel and Nigel aren't the only avians in the movie Rio, so one will be able to enjoy the colors and species of birds represented in the various bird scenes.

Rio the Trailer

4. Paulie

     While an older film than most on the top 5 movies with Birds list, Paulie is still an adorable bird tale feautring a talking parrot and not just one that repeats what others say, but one that can actually hold an intelligent conversation!

     His adventure begins when he becomes separated from his best-friend who was perhaps like a parent to him and he is determined to return to her. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't know when to keep his beak shut and winds up in various cages due to the greed of humans wanting to make a dollar off of the poor bird whose only hearts desire is to return home to the nest in which he was raised.

     His journey is long, but hopefully in the end he too will get his Happily Ever After. It isn't just for humans after all, although animals oft have a more difficult time finding it - even domesticated animals like cats and dogs.

     Just look at how many unspayed and unneutered cats and dogs there are roaming about with or without owners adding to the wild population. Then also take a look at how many animals wind up in the shelter, because no one wants them. If only our beloved pets could be as lucky as the Happy Endings found in books and movies that we enjoy so much.

Trailer of the movie Paulie

5. Valiant

     One last movie that has a bird as a protagnoist is the animaed movie, Valiant. The bird in this movie is a pigeon, a carrier pigeon. And as all should known, carrier pigeons have been extinct for quite a while now. Yet whilst they existed in living numbers upon this Earth they were useful in wars for they would carry messages back and forth.

     Messages which were important, but many of them were intercepted by falcons and what do falcons do with smaller birds? One need only remember that falcons are predatory birds that eat other, smaller birds. While that wasn't actually seen in the Valiant movie, it is based upon the fact that carrier pigeons were used for sending important messages back and forth from spy to spy or man at battle to intelligence.

     Carrier pigeons weren't the only animals used during wars, but they were perhaps the most numerous until technology got better and before they became extinct due to over hunting and other reasons.

     The movie's protagonist is the underdog of the pigeon world, because he's small. However like his name, he is one valiant bird.

Valiant Trailer