5. That Darn Cat

     One enjoyable movie with a cat as a protagonist is none other than a disney classic, That Darn Cat in which the original movie was released in 1965 while the remake came out in 1997. In this particular cat movie the cat, known as D.C. is a detective, or at least helps his owner help a real detective to track down a fiendish culprit to make the neighborhood safe once more. Plus justice is always good, even D.C. apparently thinks so. Not every cat in the world would help as kitties love to sleep, eat, bathe themselves and have their human servants as some may think of them to clean up after their messes in a certain box.

     Even though That Darn Cat! is a movie where a member of the felidae family is an animal actor, the feline is still intelligent, because the cat would need to have taken cues. Whether or not the domesticated animal has ever actually saved anyone or solved any crimes doesn't mean their aren't felines that have done just that. Even during the world wars, there were a few of them that were rewarded with a medal along with dogs and carrier pigeons.

     Besides, it's amusing to hear someone shouting That Darn Cat! at D.C., because of his antics even though he appears to have good intentions at heart.


The Darn Cat! (1965) Trailer

That Darn Cat (1997) Trailer

4. The Cat from Outer Space

     Another fun classic, again from Disney, is The Cat from Outer Space. The feline protagonist in this science fiction movie is from outer space and with the help of his collar he can hold actual conversations with the humans inhabiting the Earth, not that he lets everyone know about it. This classic came out in 1978.

     The cats name in this movie, is Jake and he needs his ship repaired and to get it back from the clutches of the United States Army. Unfortunatly, he knows that he alone wont be able to do so and thus seeks help from one Dr. Frank Wilson. That isn't Jake's only problem, because not only is National Security on his tail, so is a man working for a master criminal named Olympus.

     Together, Frank and Jake find some way to get Jake's ship repaired and returned home to the Mother Ship, but along the way sacrifices may need to be made.

The Cat from Outer Space Movie Trailer

3. Puss in Boots

     This particular incarnation of Puss in Boots first came onto screens in Shrek 2 with an orange tiger tabby wearing a pair of boots, a hat and carrying a sword. What some people seem to forget, or don't know about is that this is not the original Puss in Boots and thus for some reason get annoyed about movies or shows with a Puss in Boots which may have been out long before the one from Shrek 2. Still, this cat - while animated instead of live action with a real cat has his very own movie.

     The movie is a prequel to this cat progtagonist's meeting of Shrek and gang. Puss in Boots is a sword fighting mercenary who works for gold and the ladies. He's not always a good guy, or so it seems, but he'd rather be working for the side of good than the side of evil. Sometimes however he might just be a bit misguided, yet his heart is always there. Were this Puss in Boots real, he'd make a good friend.

     To learn the backstory of Puss in Boots, watch the movie, it's an enjoyable adventure.

Puss in Boots (2011) Movie Trailer

2. The Aristocats

     There's another Disney movie that is a classic where a cat is a protagonist. Although instead of the cat being a real live cat, the cats are hand drawn. That movie is, The Aristocats and there's more than just one feline protagonist.

     Duchess and her three kittens have a lovely life, but when the greedy butler, Edgar overhears the planning of his employers will he wishes to be rid of the mother and her kittens so that he can inherit all. While cats may seem to have nine lives they still have a life expectancy of 16-20 years on average with some dieing earlier or later than that depending on what ailments they might catch along the way.

     Duchess and her brood lost, cold and hungry meet up with an alley cat named Thomas O'Malley. With his help they hope to return home to the woman that owns them which they refer to as Madame. Together, Thomas, Duchess, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse have adventures as they head for the home of Madame. Although they might just need the help of their friends including a mouse, Roquefurt whom is a friend of Duchess and her kittens as well as Scat Cat and his gang who happen to be friends of O'Mally.

     This movie from 1970 is one movie where the cat is a protagonist that is a must see classic.

Trailer for The Aristocats

1. The Lion King

     One of the most beloved movies of all time, is The Lion King. Not just because its a movie with lions which are big cats with one of the big cats as a protagonist, but because of the whole story. In The Lion King there is something for everyone to enjoy both child and adult alike. The plot is less than childlike, but tells an epic of the life of a lion cub and the kingdom he is to one day inherit from his father. Sadly, his uncle makes things a living hell for everyone concerned.

     Like several Disney movies, at least ones involving animals, there is a tragic scene that near brings tears to ones eyes and for some the tears will fall as mine did when I first saw it at the theater when it first came out while I was in middle school. It was a beautiful movie albeit with sad moments the end was perfect. I particularily liked the one scene where the main character was running back home.

     There are so many good things to say about this movie, but most of all if one hasn't yet watched The Lion King, it should be a top priority for movie night. It's one of those movies that just has to be watched again and again even as an adult.

Trailer for the Movie The Lion King