Enjoy one of the Top 5 Movies with Fish

Reef(116854)Credit: WRI Staff wikimedia commons     Every movie out there on the market has a different protagonist. More and more of them have creatures from the animal kingdom, instead of humans as the protagonist. Many of the movies that have animals in them may have or know about humans - although the Lion King doesn't mention them. Humans however are a large part of the world and for an animal be it a water dwelling creature or a land animal it would be difficult for none of their kind ever to come into contact with homo sapians. Unfortunately this meeting of animal and human (which is also a member of the animal kingdom) often does not go well, though there are exceptions.



     One way humans get to enjoy learning more about fish is by watching movies, not always documentaries of course. It would however behoove each individual to be careful of watching something and then going out and making a purchase be it a Dalmatian, Himalayan or clownfish. Consumerism makes it difficult for the creatures one likes to learn about or watch in a movie. Puppymills and overfishing just arn't needed - they're bad. Sure watch a movie, but don't go out and add to the problem. Movies are for entertainment, animals are not.

5. The Reef

Guppy FishCredit: Melanochromis from wikimedia commons   While many consider The Reef, which is also known by the title as SharkBait to be a knock off of Finding Nemo or SharkTale it's still a cute little movie with a fish as its protagonist. In this particular animated movie made for kids, the protagonist is a little Guppy who trains to be a warrior in order to save his home The Reef. Whether its a knock off of other movies like Finding Nemo or SharkTale, it's still worth a watch - at least for children if ones looking for a fun movie to watch on family movie night.

    For those whom have seen either Finding Nemo or SharkTale you're either going to love it, or hate it, because of its similarities without seeing the differences. One does have to remember that there are only so many plots and ideas out there and thus why so many get repeated over and over. It's the execution of the piece that matters more so than the fact that the movie is similar to another. Look at how many different tales there are of Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast.

     There is also a sequel to The Reef, called The Reef 2.

Sharkbait (The Reef) Trailer

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4. SharkTale

Reef Shark(116856)Credit: Albert kok at wikimedia commons    Another fun movie to watch on family movie night, or a childs sleepover that has a fish as a main character would have to be SharkTale. It may not be at the top of everyones fish protagonist list, but its a cute tale about Oscar, a bluestreak cleaner wrasse, and how he saves his home from sharks. He also manages to get a mate, although that seems something added more for the adults than for the kids watching the movie depending on their age and understanding.


Everyone wants to see the little guy win, well maybe not everyone, but a lot do, Bluestreak cleaner wrasseCredit: Karelj at wikimedia commonsparticularily those who are themselves the underdogs. It invokes in them self-esteem and that just because their small, it doesn't mean they're useless. Sometimes its brain over brawn that wins - although having a bit of both always helps even if that means more than one person, or fish as it might be in SharkTale works together. Teamwork is important and always good for kids and others to absorb even if they don't quite realize it.

Shark Tale Trailer

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3. Sea Level

Bamboo SharkCredit: Mitternacht90 at Wikimedia Commons      Not everyone has perhaps heard of Sea Level which is another movie where a fish is a protagonist. Not just any fish, but a small fish looking to do something big in order to save the lives of others. Unfortunately while it is a movie with a bamboo shark named Pup as a protagonist there are some darker themes in this and therefore not for very young children as it has a couple of instances where the characters say 'idiot' or 'go to hell', the latter some may find a reason to fargo looking into this tale, while the word idiot is used in many tales - oft used by the antagonist and their henchmen. The only part one might truly find disturbing is that the uncle beats his nephews.

     If one can overlook the negative aspects of the film, its quite interesting - at least for older children who know the difference between what is right and what is wrong and have parents or guardians with whom they can discuss the film with. There's much worse on television these days than this, but its up to each individual to determine what their children shouldn't watch at all. I know I have a first cousin once removed whose mother wouldn't even let her watch The Wizard of Oz, because it had witches and a wizard in it.

Trailer of Sea Level

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2. The Incredible Mr. Limpet

Navy(116860)Credit: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Brooks B. Patton Jr. as seen on wikimedia commons    One movie where the fish is a protagonist, wasn't a fish to begin with. This is an older movie from 1964 and while the fish appear to be drawn as cartoons, it seems more like a movie for adults than children. There are some children who may still enjoy the movie, The Incredible Mr. Limpet who began as a human who adored fish and wished to be one, became one. In so becoming one, he became a hero for his people and the united states forces under water.

     The movies events take place in 1941 just before there's an attack on Pearl Harbor. After falling into the water due to his woes he turns into a fish - but for some reason still needs his spectackles. His abilitiy underwater helps him to help the United States navy.

     There appears to be a possible remake in the works. If and when it will be out, remains to be seen.

Trailer for The Incredible Mr. Limpet 1964

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1. Finding Nemo

Clownfish(116861)Credit: Bart de Goeij on wikimedia commons     No doubt the most popular and widly known of all movies with a fish as the protagonist is Finding Nemo at the top of the list.

     The protagonist in Finding Nemo is a clownfish - mainly Marlin who is trying to find a way to and rescue his son, Nemo.

     Sometimes, being too over protective of ones offspring can lead to rebellion, which might have been avoided otherwise if there had been a balance. It's more than that of course, as it is about the love between a father and his son, the cycle of life and reunions. There are many lessons to be learned in Finding Nemo, some less obvious perhaps than others.

Finding Nemo Trailer